‘Welcome to America’ – Alex Stein throws ‘pork’ at Muslim opponent, banned from Misfits Boxing 8

A right-wing YouTuber threw a bucket of pork hotdogs at his Muslim opponent at Misfits Boxing.

By: Anton Tabuena | 2 months ago

YouTuber Alex Stein and Tiktok star Mo Deen were supposed to have a celebrity boxing match at Misfits Boxing: X Series 008, but that match has been scrapped due to some pretty lame antics.

Stein, a 36-year-old right-wing YouTuber who likes to get attention by harassing personalities such as Brittney Griner and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, unsurprisingly tried another stunt at the MF & DAZN: X Series 008 pre-fight press conference.

Alex Stein throws hotdogs at his muslim opponent at Misfits Boxing

Alex Stein throws bucket of hotdogs at Muslim opponent

Ahead of their planned boxing match, Stein threw a bucket of hotdogs at Mo Deen, who is Muslim.

“I brought you a little gift, since I knew you love hotdogs,” Stein said, before throwing them at Mo Deen. “You love pork, right?!”

The antics caused quite a stir, with an irate Mo Deen going after Stein, but was held back by security. The press-conference set up was eventually toppled over and destroyed, with water bottles thrown and more antics from Stein.

“I think those are Halal,” Stein said. “Welcome to America! It’s just a little bacon. You don’t like bacon?!”

Misfits Boxing terminates Alex Stein’s contract

Misfits Boxing quickly removed Alex Stein from their upcoming event.

The promotion supposedly completely cut ties as well, with Stein sharing a letter on social media titled “Termination of Contract.”

“Dear Mr Stein, at the press conference today you threw sausages, that were believed to be pork meat, at Mr Mohammad Kubba a/k/a Mo Deen, your scheduled opponent, causing a fight between Mr Kubba and yourself. This fight caused the destruction of the press conference stage,” the letter read.

“You put the name and reputation of Misfits Boxing, its shareholders and its partners into disrepute.”

Stein claims they were turkey dogs, Mo Deen still wants to fight

After their Misfit Boxing bout got scrapped, Deen noted how he is still interested in fighting, as it seems “unfair” that he also doesn’t get to fight due to someone else’s actions.

”I’m not sorry for my actions but I am sorry to all the people that wanted to watch the fight,” Stein wrote.

Stein has also since claimed they were “turkey” and not pork sausages. Obviously doing this entire thing for the clout, Stein has predictably been happily boasting on social media about how he is a victim of “cancel culture” and was “cancelled” for a “joke.”

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Unfortunately, with the growth of celebrity boxing and the amount of these figures chasing likes and views, these types of lame stunts are bound to happen often. Misfits Boxing denounced the abhorrent behavior, but that’s the exact brand of “content” that Stein peddles in, and this all should’ve been expected the moment he was signed.

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