NBA YoungBoy threatens to turn Floyd Mayweather’s grandson into a UFC fighter

In a leaked interview snippet NBA YoungBoy says Floyd Mayweather's grandson will be a UFC fighter, not a boxer.

By: Bloody Elbow | 2 months ago

Floyd Mayweather’s grandson is the subject of a leaked interview with rap star NBA YoungBoy. And it ain’t friendly conversation.

NBA YoungBoy brings Floyd Mayweather’s grandson into feud

In an interview audio snippet leaked to InstaGram by The Neighborhood Talk, an interviewer believed to be DJ Akademiks asks if NBA YoungBoy’s son will grow up to be a boxer like his legendary granddad.

“Change the subject gangsta. He going to be a UFC Fighter,” was NBA YoungBoy’s answer.

Things have been contentious amongst the extended clan for a bit. Last month, NBA YoungBoy ripped Floyd and his daughter on IG live.

“I hope you do that b-tch the worst way, two, three years from now. I don’t give a f-ck, it ain’t my business, I hate that h-e. And when it come to her daddy, that n-gga don’t need to be in my mentions, I don’t f-ck with him. Your brother lost the fight.

“Every man gotta lose, every dog have their day, man, that’s how it go. I idolize your daddy. Man, next time you ever disrespect me, y’all gonna have to bomb me. Have a blessed day, beautiful.”

NBA YoungBoy was responding to Nicolette Gotti following Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition fight and post-fight brawl with John Gotti III.

Floyd Mayweather has praised NBA YoungBoy in the past

For his part, the legendary boxer has had good things to say about NBA YoungBoy, telling The Pivot Podcast in February, “I’m proud of him, a very, very talented young kid. One of the biggest artists as far as in music. He’s got a cult-like following. I look at him just like one of my sons. I only want the best for him.

“I feel like NBA YoungBoy went away for a while — I like to say went to college for a little bit — he’s back and I’m proud of him. I’m proud of my daughter. And I only want the best for NBA YoungBoy. I’m going to continue to push him and push her for both of them to be great.”

NBA YoungBoy’s rocky relationship with Yaya Mayweather

NBA YoungBoy and Yaya Mayweather dated from 2018 to 2020. She gave birth to their son later that year. Their relationship broke off and has been rocky in the time since.

In an unreleased track titled “Carry On,” YB claims Yaya won’t let him see their son.

“She doesn’t want KJ to come, but then she tries to FaceTime him with me, but I don’t want to talk at all/I don’t give a f*ck. Go tell the critics, b*tch,” he raps on the track that leaked in January.

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