Donald Trump’s ‘obscene’ Triller boxing payout revealed in new financial disclosures

Donald Trump made a lot of money from Triller's boxing event.

By: Anton Tabuena | 2 months ago

Donald Trump’s revised personal financial disclosures have recently been made public. Despite facing many legal issues, the still popular former US President took home over $1 billion after his term ended.

Majority of those new disclosures were from the sale of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, partnerships with Hudson Waterfront Associates, and his Miami golf resort, with the three ventures totaling to about $642 million.

A bulk of the 77-year-old’s money though also came from dozens of speaking appearances. Interestingly enough, the biggest of all of them came from Triller’s 2021 boxing event.

Donald Trump’s highest paying appearance was from Triller

In 2021, Triller Fight Club was heavily criticized by many for skirting commission rules, and putting on a pretty gross mismatch, where former UFC champ Vitor Belfort knocked out a 58-year-old Evander Holyfield.

Donald Trump served as an extra color commentator for that boxing event, with initial reports saying that the former President was paid an “obscene” amount of money for it. No official figure was released at the time, but event staff were reportedly “downright angry” about it, with Triller also providing Trump with a G-5 jet to pick him up from his Mar-a-Lago home to the venue less than an hour drive away.

Trump’s latest financial disclosures show that Trump received $2.5 million for that commentary gig, which is by far the biggest payout of all of his speaking appearances since he left office.

Triller issues statement on Trump’s multimillion dollar payout

Triller, who likes to throw money on a lot of random stuff outside of actual boxing, justified their payment to the former President. The Washington Post has it:

Triller, in a statement, said: “The payment made to Trump for his commentary was consistent with the fees typically received by celebrity commentators,” and cited what it called Trump’s “successful hosting” of previous boxing events.

Trump’s other public speaking appearances paid a lot less than Triller. The closest is a $2.3 million deal for four speaking engagements in three states for the “American Freedom Tour,” and $2 million for two appearances in two different states for the “Universal Peace Federation World Summits.”

That Triller event unsurprisingly tanked on PPV, reportedly earning just 150,000 buys. Triller’s previous PR firm also angrily announced parting ways with the company soon after.

With the massive financial losses on the event, Trump’s $2.5 million payout didn’t seem like a very “successful hosting” for Triller.

Donald Trump has many ties in combat sports

Trump, who is leading the polls for the 2024 Republican Presidential nomination, has many ties with combat sports, including deep roots with what is by far the biggest fight promoter on planet earth. Donald Trump recently attended UFC 290, and has been getting a pretty big push from Dana White and the company, which includes an appearance at UFC Unfiltered.

A Republican strategist recently outlined the benefits of his close ties to the UFC for his 2024 Presidential bid, saying that “doing non-traditional media and showing up to major cultural events like UFC fights allows former President Trump to hit a completely different audience than doing an interview on Fox News or other political media.”

Donald Trump at UFC 264.

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