Sean Strickland tells Joe Rogan: ‘I am white trash… I am the future of America’

Controversial UFC fighter Sean Strickland went on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast spoke his mind.

By: Nate Wilcox | 3 months ago

Sean Strickland is having another moment in the limelight after coming up big this last Saturday in his UFC main event bout against Abus Magomedov. The top ranked UFC middleweight used his time during fight week to go on rants against women in the workforce, his love for America, and his hatred of TikTok.

Always happy to be on the cutting edge of unhinged discourse, Joe Rogan took the opportunity to bring Strickland on his show, so the Xtreme Couture talent could pitch his specialized brand of masculine identity to a massive podcast audience outside the confines of the Octagon.

UFC’s most controversial fighter went on America’s #1 podcast

And it turned out about how you’d expect. That is to say that Sean Strickland followed up his TKO win over Abus Magomedov Saturday with an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast and said some outrageous s—t.

Let’s unpack some of the excerpts from YouTube. In the video entitled “Sean Strickland Expands on His Press Conference Comments About America” Strickland opens with the bold claim I put in the headline, but quickly swerves into a critique of corporate dominance of American culture.

“I’m white trash like I like what I mean by that is like I am the future of America. Both my parents worked. My dad’s a piece of s—t but you know (he’s) in Hell probably right now. Both my parents worked. They made good money, but we were poor we were poor because after the cigarettes, the bars and the fast food we were f—king poor. (We’d) find a piece of regular paper and wrinkle it up and use that as toilet paper.  

“There is like this unholy alliance that corporations are doing to America. They want women working. They want lower wages and they want more consumerism.

“I don’t mean it like—I’m not sexist—like ‘Oh put woman back in the kitchen you know they suck.’ And I love women, you know, take off the burka wear a f—king bikini and huzzah. But we’re truly in a weird time (because) corporations are eroding (our) values. Well they act within their best interests and it’s in their best interests to keep people consumers and make sure that people just pay attention only to stupid sh*t.

“(We) have Walmart in our phones now. Even me, I’m to blame (because) there’s some times where I’m a little depressed and I’m go on Amazon. ‘Let’s see what the Amazon fairy is recommending for me today. Maybe I could find something that’ll give me a little serotonin boost. Find some happiness in a one click.’

“Then on top of that now we go full circle you have two parents working, and I’m going mostly on the West Coast you have sh—ty kids dude. Las Vegas graduation where it’s less than 50%. (I’m a) high school dropout (with) no GED (so) I’m not one to talk, but how do you raise a successful family when your kids are being raised by the system right by f—king Tik Tok?”

Sean Strickland: ‘I’m not telling everybody to go find Jesus’

Strickland then elaborated on his comments and added a moral/religious dimension while admitting that he personally is not a believer.

“We could say America is becoming atheist. We could say that if you have no beliefs, if you have no moral right, no wrong and you’re not taught this from (within) a stable family and you’re being raised… I mean like literally America is becoming like communist China where like we’re letting our school system dictate values. We’re letting the system tell you what your kids are.

“I’m agnostic so I’m not telling everybody to go find Jesus you know if you’re going to find (something) at least let it be f—king Jesus right. I mean how do you how do you fix a moral decay of a society when that’s just where we’re going? Even communist China will mitigate what shows on Tik Tok but they give us the unfiltered filth.”

Strickland campaigns for Israel Adesanya fight

Apart from his screeds, Strickland did get one other message across last week. Namely that he believes he should be next in line to fight Israel Adesanya. The middleweight champ is currently without an opponent, most likely awaiting the winner of Robert Whittaker vs. Dricus Du Plessis at UFC 290 on Saturday. It’s a spot that the 32-year-old feels really ought to belong to him, however.

“We’ve seen Izzy fight everybody. We’ve seen Izzy fight all the top guys. Let’s get some fresh blood in there,” Strickland told ESPN after his latest victory. “Let’s throw some new meat at him.”

While it seems unlikely Strickland would be at the top of the UFC’s list, given the beef brewing between Adesanya and Du Plessis (and his long history with Whittaker), it’s not outside the realm of imagination that the fight might just come together.

Adesanya has made it clear he wnats to fight at UFC 293 on September 10th in Sydney. That’s just two months away. If the winner of Whittaker/Du Plessis comes out of UFC 290 with a serious injury, then that would leave Strickland as the next highest ranked guy that hasn’t already got a loss to the ‘Last Stylebender’ on his resume.

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