Lavish UFC boss Dana White reveals he has a ‘personal shopper’ for ‘literally everything’

Rich people like Dana White don't have time to shop.

By: Anton Tabuena | 3 months ago

Dana White is known for the lavish lifestyle and spending habits being afforded to him by being the UFC President. From spending millions as a “degenerate” gambler, million dollar house parties, importing snow to Las Vegas, to buying up and tearing down all these multi-million dollar mansions to build a mega-mansion of his own, running the UFC has certainly been luxurious.

Dana White’s sneaker collection

In a new feature with Complex, White showed off his expensive sneaker collection, which is situated in his massive office at the UFC headquarters in Las Vegas.

“Most of my packing is done from (this office) when I go on the road, so it just makes sense (to have this closet here),” Dana White told Complex. “I literally designed this place, meaning the headquarters, so I never have to leave. I have the gym, I have a kitchen here, I have my closet. I literally have everything that I need here. There’s a bar over here.”

Most of his collection involves rare or custom sneakers with a lot of Jordans and Travis Scotts, and White said he spent quite a bit of money on these “tennis shoes” last year.

“Last year I spent over $100,000 on shoes,” White boasted while showing off his collection. “Tennis shoes, not like dress shoes, or suit shoes. Just tennis shoes.”

Dana White has a personal shopper for ‘everything’

White also revealed that he never actually shops for these or anything else, because I guess rich people don’t have time for that. Instead, the UFC President has someone on payroll to keep buying everything for him, including his entire wardrobe.

“I have a personal shopper that literally buys everything. Socks — I mean I haven’t been to a mall in probably 10 years,” White said.

“I don’t do any of that stuff. I don’t shop online. I don’t do that,” he explained. “I have a personal shopper to buys literally everything for me. Everything, socks, shoes, underwear, t-shirts, jeans, you name it.”

Dana White’s mansion

White previously revealed parts of his massive mansion on various YouTube channels in recent years, which reportedly is a combination of several Las Vegas mansions he bought and tore down.

He showed off his massive backyard with multiple pools, MMA gym and weight room, an indoor basketball court, an arcade room, and others during segments with BBQ guys, Haute TV and Men’s Health.

Side note: His personal chef cooked a prime tomahawk steak for “BBQ guys” channel, and revealed that White likes his steaks medium well.

UFC is a money making machine

As Dana White’s lavish lifestyle already shows, the UFC is a massive money maker for Endeavor. The world’s biggest MMA promotion keeps beating their financial records each year, with the UFC getting over $1.1 billion in revenue in 2022.

Their massive profits that year are estimated to have easily surpassed those of every single fight promoter — not just MMA — in the world combined.

Another major reason the UFC owners and bosses are making so money is that in 2022, the revenue share they gave fighters are estimated to be at just 13%, which is possibly the lowest ever in this era. This is multiples less than major mainstream sports organizations that have revenue share closer to 50% split with the athletes, and a complete inverse of boxing, where fighters keep majority of the pie.

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