Logan Paul vs Paddy Pimblett at Musk-Zuckerberg undercard? WWE star would do it for free

Logan Paul wants to fight UFC lightweight Paddy Pimblett on the proposed Musk-Zuckerberg card.

By: Stephie Haynes | 3 months ago

Logan Paul has thrown his hat into the ring to appear on the undercard of the proposed fight between mega-billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. The Youtube sensation has been saying for years that he’d like to try his hand at MMA, and having already dipped his toe into celebrity boxing and pro-wrestling, perhaps this would be the next logical step in his mind. When he centered conversation of his latest podcast episode of Impaulsive around the likelihood of that showdown happening, he was ready with a name of his own to call out.

That name was none other than UFC lightweight star Paddy Pimblett. For the uninitiated, Logan Paul’s celebrity boxing match with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. saw him tip the scales at 189 pounds. Pimblett fights at 155.

Despite the divisional disparity, Paul feels the matchup still makes sense, given the Brit’s propensity to blow up between fights. Paddy has frequently posted ‘fat’ photos of himself between fights, noting that he’ll regularly get as high as 200 pounds when not in camp.

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Logan Paul calls out Paddy Pimblett

That said, weight classes exist for a reason and it’s highly doubtful Logan Paul could ever get down to the lightweight limit healthily. But he’s not going to let that stop him from stirring up the community with the following:

“If Elon Musk and Eric Zuckerberg fight (yes he said ERIC), I will do my UFC debut on the undercard for free. I’ll fight for free for charity.”

One of his buddies in the room asked him who he’d fight, who his sights were possibly set on. Without missing a beat, he invoked the Baddy’s name.

“Anyone. You know who I want to fight, actually, because that bitch-ass Andrew Tate won’t fight me? Give me Paddy Pimblett—give me Paddy the Baddy. In the off-season, that boy looks like a blimp, and he’ll come up to my weight class and I’ll wallop him.”

“But he’s too small!” his friend would shout out.

Logan Paul was having none of this “too small” chatter, though. His retort cut right through the fat (pun intended).

“Bro! He’s too small when he cuts weight! When he doesn’t cut weight, he’s a f-cking horseshoe.”

Is Logan Paul serious?

It’s pretty clear that this was said in jest, but with the Paul brothers, it always seems like these sort of callouts are a litmus test to see what fan response would be like. It might only be a matter of time before a real campaign to set up that bout or one similar is underway if the reactions are favorable. We know all too well the audience of the Paul brothers is massive and it wouldn’t take much effort at all to turn this into a call to action.

Worth noting, this isn’t the first time Logan Paul has mentioned a fight with Pimblett. Just last year, he said almost the same thing—that he didn’t understand how Paddy blew up so much between fights and that he’d be willing to fight the lightweight star—at 185 pounds. This could have actually been a cold opening to the campaign. What better time to try it again than now with a circus card possibly in the making?

Lest we forget, Dana White has been declaring the UFC’s willingness to promote this contest between the social media giants. Musk has been dropping nuggets of information all week, including the venue, which is possibly being targeted for the Colosseum. Both men have started training. I won’t lie, they could put any televised fight in the Colosseum and I’d watch it, and if this really comes to pass, I will watch.

The point is, if the UFC—who quite notoriously don’t promote gimmick fights—is onboard with this carnival sideshow, why wouldn’t we entertain the idea that we could end up seeing all manner of celebrity and/or influencer fights to round it out? Because we’ve already seen evidence that they’re willing to do it. That pair of CM Punk fights is a very effective smoking gun. Never say never.

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