Conor McGregor goes on bizarre RTE tirade, but only has himself to blame

UFC star Conor McGregor is mad at the coverage his mounting list of legal issues are getting.

By: Anton Tabuena | 3 months ago

Conor McGregor went on another tweet and delete spree. This time, the UFC superstar went on a pretty bizarre rant against both the Irish media and the broader government.

The tirade was seemingly caused by McGregor not being happy about what he deems as unfavorable and unfair coverage from Irish national broadcaster, RTE.

Conor McGregor recently posted a screen recording of google searches of “mcgregor” The video shows McGregor scrolling through the results, and a lot of it is about RTE’s coverage on his long list of arrests and legal issues through the years.

The screen recording shows McGregor eventually typing in “McGregor donations,” which didn’t produce any news articles from RTE.

The tweets have since been deleted, but MMA Mania has captured all his rants, with McGregor going after both RTE and the Irish Government that funds the outlet.

“Scheming, lying, fake c—ts! We want our money back! RTE, ROBBERS OF THE IRISH PUBLIC!” McGregor wrote.

“RTE, an arm of the Irish government cartel. Robbing, lying, fake hypocrites! WE DESPISE YOU!” McGregor wrote in another deleted tweet. “TV3, what’s up? TG4, conas atá! [How are you!] Into the bin with RTE!”

Conor McGregor slams Ireland’s “lizard” government

While seemingly furious mainly about RTE’s coverage, Conor McGregor also went on to slam its backers and the Irish Government.

“I despise our government!” McGregor wrote. “To even lambast RTE in the oireachtas [parliament] in some sort of high and mighty position is in itself the absolute height of hypocrisy! Let’s see your books now! The amount of corruption in Ireland is horrific. A nation in shambles, ran by lizards!”

It’s always easier to blame the media

Donations are good, and I’m sure McGregor has helped so many people with those, but the truth is, those efforts are more likely to be written about by PR companies, and not most news outlets. Charitable deeds do not cancel out legal issues either.

On the other hand, a mainstream sports star getting sued, accused and/or arrested for assault, rape and other various issues will always be newsworthy. That’s just how news and media works. Competing in his sport is newsworthy too, but in recent years, Conor McGregor literally has several more arrests and legal issues than he has fights.

It’s becoming too long to list everything at this point, but McGregor had to deal with several legal issues and accusations in the last couple of years alone: 2020 arrest for indecent exposure and alleged attempted sexual assault, 2021 alleged assault on an Italian DJ, 2022 arrest for six driving offenses, 2022 civil case on alleged sexual assault, 2023 lawsuit for allegedly assaulting woman on yacht. Most recently, McGregor was accused of sexual assault during the 2023 NBA Finals, which could’ve cost him a lucrative sponsorship deal with the Miami Heat.

It’s always easier to blame the “scheming” media and everyone else, and to dismiss every allegation and controversy as merely “shakedowns” to take advantage of his popularity and money. But at the end of the day, if Conor McGregor doesn’t want unfavorable coverage, perhaps he should start looking at why he’s always in those kinds of situations, when countless other rich and famous people aren’t.

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