Bah Gawd! – BJJ dude spikes grappler through table at tournament

Do they even have a Spanish announcer's table at BJJ events?

By: Zane Simon | 3 months ago

We’ve heard a lot of talk lately about the problems with steroids in competitive jiu jitsu, but it seems like we may have just witnessed a prime case of roid rage on the mats. Either that, or some guy at a Los Angeles grappling tournament is just crazy to the max.

Combat sports analyst Ryan A Wagner turned a bit of competition wildness into a viral video moment, with a clip from the July 1st Jiu Jitsu World League competition in LA (h/t MMAFighting). In the line of matches running up and down the arena floor, two competitors can be seen in one of the center mats. One on top, the other on his back, grappling from guard.

The bottom grappler throws up a triangle choke, gets it over the shoulder and locks his feet behind his opponent’s neck. That’s when the top man decides that he’s not going to take that kind of nonsense sitting down.

BJJ guy lands wicked powerbomb through Spanish announcer’s table

Slams of any sort are banned from Jiu Jitsu World League competitions from the jump, so the moment our righteous protagonist decides to pick his foe up off the mat, he’s already in foul territory, but for a penny, in for a pound, as they say. With the match slipping away from him, he decides he might as well go out with a flourish, lifting his opponent into the air, running him over to a nearby table and dropping him through it. Kevin Nash would be proud.

Check out the video below:

As of yet, the competitors in the video have not been identified. But NXT fans should keep their eyes peeled, because someone might be getting a developmental contract.

Memories of Slampage

Of course, any powerbomb that well executed in the combat sports sphere is going to bring back memories of Rampage Jackson‘s wicked knockout over BJJ ace Ricardo Arona at Pride Critical Countdown 2004. At a point in his career where the future UFC champion was better known for his high octane throws than any other part of his game, Jackson followed Arona into his guard and quickly got himself wrapped up in a triangle.

For most fighters, that would have been a signal to disengage and get out of danger. For Jackson, it was all he needed to create one of the coolest and most singularly memorable KOs in MMA history.

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