Fight Circus 7: Free stream, results and highlights

Fight Circus 7 airs tonight. Among the wild list of bouts is a supposed fight between kickboxing legends Bob Sapp and Saenchai.

By: Tim Bissell | 3 months ago

Fight Circus airs tonight with another card designed to entertain and titillate with a slew of freak fights and Tyson Fury serving as a special guest.

Organizers Full Metal Dojo describe this weekend’s card (Fight Circus Vol. 7: Lock Stock and Two Smoking Sausages) as: “The Peaky Blinders meets Harry Potter meets Snatch.”

Among the chaotic match-ups is a fight between two combat sports pioneers. Supposedly, at Fight Circus 7 we’re going to see Bob Sapp fight Saenchai. Whether that’s an actual fight or not we’ll just have to wait and see.

The 49-year-old Sapp is most known for his long run in K-1. His most recent pro bout was a TKO loss to Selcuk Ustabasi at MFC 24 in Turkey in 2018.

Saenchai is a Muay Thai legend. The 42-old has at least 350 fights under his belt (and has won the vast majority of them). He’s fought three times this year, scoring two wins in Thailand and fighting to a draw in an event in Rome, Italy.

Sapp is a foot taller than Saenchai, that might matter in an actual fight, but who knows what Jon Nutt is going to have them doing tonight.

Fight Circus 7 Free Live Stream

Fight Circus Vol. 7: Lock Stock and Two Smoking Sausages is available for free. You an watch the entire thing on Fight Circus’ website.

Full Fight Card

  • Special Guests Choice Main Event: Jon Nutt vs 2, or the Return of the Return of Sloppy Balboa. Special Guests Choice.
  • Karaoke Battle to the Death
  • Bob Sapp VS Saenchai (surprise match up)
  • Legs Of Fury Tag Team Match Up. With Two Fitness Champions Indian Leg Wrestling. And Only Kicking between Walter and the Huge Russian
  • Wheel of Violence: Ali BBQ VS Petzilla
  • Wheel of Violence: Kyoken VS Kushal
  • Foot in the Tire Championship Action between Street Fight Mike and Jonny Tello
  • 4Man Nolsey Cup: British hooligans fighting each other.
  • Tattoo on the Line Bout: Muay Thai where winner gets a ‘winner’ tattoo and loser gets a ‘loser’ tattoo

Results and Highlights

Coming soon…

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