La Velada Del Año 3 Video: Full fight replays

All the matches for tonight's La Velada Del Año 3 event by ibai, including start time, and streaming info.

By: Eddie Mercado | 3 months ago

Wildly popular Spanish Twitch streamer ibai has the platform’s largest event of the year, La Velada Del Año 3, went down in Madrid, Spain tonight. With the success of their first-two renditions of content creators and online streamers lacing up the gloves, it’s time once again to entertain their followers with some good old fashioned celebrity boxing. I suppose ‘influencer’ boxing is the more proper nomenclature, but here at Bloody Elbow, same-same.

Here’s the fights:

Tonight’s main event includes the hyper-popular content creator Coscu throwing down with YouTube superstar Germán Garmendia. Before that, two of the most prominent female streamers on the planet will be featured on this card when the U.S. based Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa faces off with Spain’s own Mayichi.

In case you’re wondering how Amouranth got famous…

Other popular Spanish-speaking influencer matchups will be on deck, such as Ampeter taking on PapiGavi, Luzu colliding with Fernanfloo, and even a Joe Silva style pitting of Rivers vs. La Rivers, or Sammy Rivers vs. Marina Rivers. You can check back in with this post later on to find the results and highlights from the festivities.

The entire event goes down at the Civitas Metropolitano, and is assumed to begin at 12:00pm ET in the United States, which is 6:00pm in Madrid time.

UPDATE: Amouranth has sensationally pulled out of this event on four days warning. Ibai announced that her team told him that this was due to a medical issue and that, after following up with them, he has not received any further information.

La Velada Del Año 3 Full fight card

  • Coscu vs. Germán Garmendia
  • Amouranth vs. Mayichi
  • Shelao vs. Viruzz
  • Luzu vs. Fernanfloo
  • Rivers vs. La Rivers
  • Ampeter vs. Papi Gavi

How can I watch La Velada Del Año 3?

The event is scheduled to air live on the Twitch streaming platform for free. Specifically, on the ultra popular channel of ibai. Tickets for this actually sold out within an hour of going on sale. You can maybe find some scalpers that still have some tickets left, but streaming appears to be the only real way you can watch now.

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