As part of the planned merger of the UFC with the WWE, the UFC’s parent company, Endeavor Group Holdings, filed a 8-K with the SEC on June 12th. The WWE filed an S-4 that same day, which also included additional information on the status of the UFC finances. These come on the heels on previous filings by Endeavor, including consolidated statements of the UFC’s 2022 finances, which we have covered here earlier

The newest filings Bloody Elbow has obtained repeat much of the same information that was previously released on the UFC, but it also includes additional material on their 1st quarter of this year as well as comparisons with the same period last year.

UFC Finances: Increased revenue in almost every category

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Revenue continues it upward trajectory, as the UFC reported $306.7 million in total revenue for the three months ended March 31, 2023. This is $47.1 million (or 18.1%) more than what they reported for the same period last year, with almost every category seeing higher revenues. 

  • $224.1 million in domestic and international media rights and content, an increase of $37.4 million due to contractual revenue growth, higher international renewals and one additional PPV compared to last year.
  • $31.5 million in live event revenue, an increase of $8.2 million from having more events with live audiences, including the additional PPV event. 
  • $38.1 million in sponsorship, an increase of $1.7 million thanks to new sponsors and higher renewals from existing sponsors.
  • $13.2 million in consumer product licensing, a decrease of $0.2 million.

While just about all their revenue streams shot up, UFC ended up with less income in the first quarter of 2023. To find out how that happened, read the rest of our post over at our substack as we break down first quarter UFC finances in-depth.

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