WTF: Seated chi ‘master’ blasts three guys through the air

Another visit to the wild world of martial arts silliness and jaw-dropping techniques as we return for this week's What the Fight?

By: Victor Rodriguez | 3 months ago

Happy Wednesday, kids. We’re back during another week with a bit of a lull when it comes to major events, here to share some of the obscure, fringe, and silly from the wider world of martial arts. We thank you for your continued support, and hope you continue with us as we chug along to give you the best content possible day to day.

We’ve got some fun woo-woo magic this week, along with some insane knockouts and other goodies. It’s the kind of woo-woo that we’ve seen before, only it’s somewhat sadder this time around. Come along, because it’s a heavy dose of nuttery.

Military-grade chi blasts

We start with our usual spawn point, our main dude Jerry over at Fight Commentary Breakdowns. We go back to the vault to find an unexpected yet very pleasant surprise: another chi master. Any fan of martial arts has an idea what’s next. Yes, it’s a guy using the power of his mind or spirit or whatever to push or manipulate others. And this demonstration is rather by-the-numbers in that regard.

While there are some other gems there, we’re just gonna focus on the final segment of the video. An older man is seated and is inviting his disciples to make physical contact so that he may demonstrate his martial arts power. And boy howdy, is that some power.

Screen Shot 2023 06 28 at 8.29.31 AM
Screen Shot 2023 06 28 at 8.43.10 AM

Lemme tell you something, kids. That tall Colin Mochrie looking dude with the black shirt and the shorts? I love that guy. He’s my new best friend. The emphasis he puts into his reactions is just sublime. This man is a true believer in the power of martial arts. He certainly doesn’t seem Chinese and appears to be the only non-Chinese person present. So he’s likely a massive fan of this sort of thing.

That means he’s really feeling the spirit as it courses through him. It kind of happens with some tourists or enthusiasts that travel and engage with this sort of thing. Just look at how much more pronounced his reactions are compared to the rest of the group. Here’s round 2, where the master once again makes contact with these guys. Watch what happens.

Screen Shot 2023 06 28 at 8.44.20 AM

I’m imagining him saying “Alright, fellers! Let’s all git ‘im all at once!” And they do. Any guesses as to how this turns out? Any at all?

Screen Shot 2023 06 28 at 8.44.36 AM
Screen Shot 2023 06 28 at 8.45.00 AM

Yup. That’s the stuff. Doing the locomotion. King shit. The essence of martial arts.

Screen Shot 2023 06 28 at 8.45.42 AM

Now it’s the full brigade! No way the old geezer can stop all of us, is there?

Screen Shot 2023 06 28 at 8.46.13 AM

Well, shit.

The power of suggestion in martial arts is something else, man. Glad they’re all having fun, though. They’re doing better than me. And if Colin Mochrie is reading this, sorry dude. No hard feelings.

Devastating Dambé knockout

We’re back in Nigeria to check out African Warriors Fighting Championship, and these cats are amazing. Here’s a classic from a few years ago, where a match between to wily dudes ends in an utterly sensational KO.

Femmes Fatales

Karate Combat has been on a tear lately in terms of delivering intense action. What’s not being highlighted enough is how the women’s divisions have been doing. Check out this collection of women’s knockouts:

Mongolian Judo GS action

Our dude Judo Highlights is really making a labor of love happen with his channel, and it shows. His latest features some highlights from day 3 of the Ulaanbaatar Grand Slam, and it is dope. Some very hard-fought battles are featured here. Check it out.

Superlek is not human

Here’s a lovely tribute and analysis video from Muay Thai Scholar, focusing on the inimitable Superlek. This Muay Thai champion is extraordinary, you’re not gonna want to miss this.

Ronald Duncan, Ninja innovator

Master Ronald Duncan was an odd figure in American martial arts, being a ninjitsu representative decades ago and being a rather visible presence in the art. Younger readers may know him better as the man that went full Kenshiro on a dude’s ass with a copy of Harper’s Bazaar.

Just be glad he didn’t have a heavy-ass copy of National Geographic. Looks silly, right? Well he was certainly not a silly man. Duncan was an accomplished martial artist that earned black belts in various arts including Kempo and Aikido. The man was a true legend that sought out any form of combat art and yearned to learn more.

Here’s an exhibition at an event from decades ago. I personally don’t think highly of Ninjitsu or anything ninja-adjacent aside from some Godfrey Ho clips, but Duncan at least has the respect of many for learning to learn more and passing wisdom down to his students. Here’s an appearance he made on ABC’s Wild World of Sports:

And finally, a clip where he discusses his training as well as racism in the martial arts world. He passed away in 2012, but still has a legacy that isn’t discussed much these days.

So that’s all for this week, kids. Hope you weren’t as disappointed as I was in that Final Fantasy 16 demo. Boy, that was a slog. And remember – you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.

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