‘Huge fan’ UFC legend offers to train Elon Musk against Zuckerberg; Musk starts BJJ training

Retired UFC legend Georges St-Pierre has offered to be Elon Musk's training partner ahead of proposed fight with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

By: Stephie Haynes | 3 months ago

Will Georges St-Pierre and Elon Musk work together?

GSP last fought in 2017 when he submitted Michael Bisping, winning the UFC middleweight belt in the process. He would vacate the belt just a month later, never to return to active competition, announcing his official retirement in 2019. He would be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame the next year. Unlike so many retired MMA stars that within a year or two, they’re back with a newly invigorated desire to chase greatness, or whatever explanation excuses the need to unretire without directly pointing to dire financial need, this was not the case for GSP.

In his time away from the sport he dominated for so long, he started a charity and has become a spokesman and talking head for the Karate Combat promotion alongside fellow retired legend Bas Rutten. He even made a return to the Marvel role of Georges Batroc in 2021’s The Falcon & the Winter Soldier. In short, he seems to be living a great post-career life.

Georges St-Pierre, billionaire trainer

Now, it appears the man many consider to be the GOAT, might be adding another entry to his impressive list of achievements and accolades: Elon Musk’s training partner. That’s right folks, the illustrious Georges St-Pierre is getting in on that sweet billionaire action. The 42-year-old Canadian threw his hat in the ring via Twitter this past Saturday with the following tweet:

“@elonmusk I’m a huge fan of yours and it would be an absolute honor to help you and be your training partner for the challenge against Zuckerberg 👊😁

Elon Musk starts BJJ training

It would take Elon Musk two days to reply to Georges St-Pierre, but the offer was accepted.

“Ok, let’s do it 🔥🔥

Musk followed up a day later with another tweet, this time informing the retired champ that he’d already commenced his training preparation:

“Did a practice round tonight with @lexfridman”

Fan Response

Immediate replies from the MMA community to the tweets were a mixture of dismay and delight. Responses ranged from disbelief, to anger to excited anticipation and everything in between. Georges St-Pierre once again has fans divided. I feel like I’m back in 2013 after the fight with Johny Hendricks.

Who tweeted this for you, I’ll END them”

“Lost a fan here”

“Tag team match!”

I’ll admit, I’m still looking at the alarm on my phone trying to figure out if maybe I’m still asleep and soon I’ll wake up to discover this whole Muskerberg thing was all a wild fever dream. I’ve pinched myself more than once this week for verification of reality. I’ll admit, the “I’m a huge fan of yours…” part of his tweet was kind of disappointing for me, personally, but who am I to deny Georges St-Pierre what would likely be an easy paycheck to train a billionaire to make an ass of himself? Nobody. That’s who.

The backstory

For those that might’ve been vacationing in a remote location of the world without internet access, allow me to take you on a brief walk down Memory Lane. Elon Musk challenged Facebook/Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg to a fight. Zuckerberg accepted the challenge, and the circus was officially underway.

Dana White, being who he is, could not resist the temptation of the ridiculous money something like this could generate, so of course he offered up the UFC’s promotional services. Because he’s the best guy to do this. It’s his job. “I make the biggest fights. It’s my job,” were words he recently used. What a magnanimous guy he is to make such a kind offer. How else would two billionaires possibly be able to have this fight?

And for all the mean, spiteful people claiming this is a gimmick fight, you’re wrong. We know the UFC doesn’t promote gimmick fights because, “That’s just not what we do here.” Dana said so, and by virtue of that, it must be gospel. But I digress. We must get back to the news at hand.

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