‘Why is that a big deal?’ – Sean O’Malley sees no wrong in McGregor’s alleged sexual assault incident

Sean O'Malley went on to defend Conor McGregor, who is currently facing new sexual assault allegations.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 3 months ago

Conor McGregor just found himself an ally in his current sexual assault case. UFC bantamweight superstar Sean O’Malley came to the Irishman’s defense in a recent episode of his BroMalley show on YouTube, basically saying nothing wrong happened. 

Sean O’Malley sees no wrong in Conor McGregor’s alleged actions

According to initial reports of the supposed incident, the accuser was brought into a bathroom where McGregor was waiting. It was then when the alleged assault happened, where “The Notorious” purportedly kissed the woman “aggressively” and later coerced her to perform oral sex. 

Another video emerged shortly after, showing a different angle of the story. Here, McGregor is seen holding his accuser by hand and leading her to the bathroom. 

Investigations by the NBA and the UFC are still ongoing, and corresponding sanctions have yet to be meted out. But if you ask bantamweight superstar Sean O’Malley, McGregor did nothing wrong. 

“Conor McGregor’s a f—ng superstar. He’s at a basketball game while getting his little d—k sucked in the bathroom. Why is that a big deal? I don’t get it. 

“Some of you guys are p-ssies, I guess. What’s the bad example for the kids?”

Sean O’Malley questions McGregor’s video with accuser at a club

The story took a different turn when a video showing McGregor and his accuser hanging out at a club began making the rounds. The clip was supposedly taken shortly after the alleged incident.

That video brought about more hard questions from the depths of O’Malley’s mind. 

“I guess he brought her into a bathroom at the basketball game. Don’t know what happened, we can only speculate. I’m speculating, maybe a beej…

“But I guess later, that was where she said that the assault happened. But then, later, in another video, they were at the club together. Do you think if you were assaulted by someone, you would want to hang out with them after? Or no? I’m just curious, genuinely asking. 

“Someone assaults you, f—ks you up, f—king rapes you in the butt, and then later, do you want to go hang out with them in the club?”

Sean O’Malley’s other controversial statements

O’Malley recently made the MMA news headlines when he brought up the idea of a separate organization for female fighters, similar to the WNBA. 

“What if there was a ‘WUFC’? What if they had their own program? Would it last? Would they be able to sell pay-per-views, would they be able to sell out arenas? I’m just asking. 

“What if it was the ‘WUFC’? It’s still the UFC, it’s still Dana, it’s still the UFC pushing these fights and promoting them – would it last?”

Conor McGregor’s UFC return unlikely to happen in 2023?

As for McGregor’s fighting career, that remains uncertain. According to recent reports, the former ‘champ-champ’ missed the deadline to return to the USADA pool. This has left supposed opponent Michael Chandler frustrated, but he is being urged by Daniel Cormier to take matters into his own hands and make the fight happen. 

“Make it happen, Mike. Do not let this fight fall by the wayside,” Cormier said. “Continue to poke. Continue to prod. Dare I say, be a little bit disrespectful to get Conor McGregor to fight you because if I know one thing when you insult McGregor, his pride makes him want to step up and take it to you.” 

Sean O’Malley’s next fight

As for O’Malley, he is still slated to challenge reigning champion Aljamain Sterling, despite ‘Funkmaster’s’ apprehensions about a quick turnaround. The two will headline UFC 292 on August 29th at the TD Garden in Boston.

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