Francis Ngannou wants UFC to ‘figure out’ Jon Jones fight

Francis Ngannou remains hopeful for a fight with Jon Jones, but he says it's all up to the UFC to make it happen.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 3 months ago

Francis Ngannou faced off with Jon Jones over the weekend during a PFL event, and it’s already created a lot of buzz in the MMA community. But as of the moment, there isn’t even a slight likelihood for the two to share the cage together as they’re both signed to exclusive MMA contracts under different organizations. 

From his end, however, ‘The Predator’ remains hopeful a deal can be reached. But, he feels the key to getting there lies entirely with the UFC and what kind of agreement they’d be willing to make. 

Francis Ngannou claims UFC is only one stopping the fight

Francis Ngannou recently did an interview with TMZ Sports where he was asked about a potential fight with Jones after their face-off. The former heavyweight champion remains hopeful, and according to him, the UFC is the last remaining piece for this puzzle to be completed. 

“I think the UFC have to figure it out and get to a point to figure out that some stuff can be done, maybe cross-promotion in order to give the fans what they want. To make this fight happen. As soon as they get that, as soon as they decide to give that to the fans, everything will be OK. 

“All the parties are down for the fight except one.”

As of the moment, there are absolutely zero signs that the UFC has any interest in doing more busienss with Francis Ngannou. They do seem more keen, however, on booking Tyson Fury against Jones, and most recently, on hosting the billionaire cage fight between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. 

Francis Ngannou prefers a ‘heavier’ Jon Jones

Having gone face-to-face with “Bones,” Francis Ngannou got to size up the man who now holds his former title. Based on what he saw, the Cameroonian says he prefers to face a bigger Jones, in terms of physique.

“Jon Jones has always been a heavyweight because he has to cut a lot of weight to go down to light heavyweight. For me, I would say I am more comfortable with the heavy Jon Jones than the Jon Jones of light heavyweight.”

Jones submitted Ciryl Gane inside one round at UFC 285 in early March. He made quick work of the former interim heavyweight champion, leaving many in awe as he immediately climbed to the top of the men’s pound-for-pound rankings after the win.

Francis Ngannou saw the fight happen, and he wasn’t impressed with Jones’ striking at heavyweight. 

“He had an impressive performance against Ciryl Gane, but for the first minute, the first interaction in striking, he didn’t look good. He wasn’t on point, (wasn’t) as sharp as in light heavyweight. 

“For me, that’s the best. I want Jon heavy. I want him heavier if he can put on even more size.” 

Jones admitted taking lengthy time off to bulk up for Francis Ngannou

In their brief dialogue during their face-off, Jones admitted to taking three years off to bulk up for a possible bout against Ngannou. 

Ngannou: Oh no. You sat back for three years.
Jones: I had to get to the size to kick your ass. 
Ngannou: Huh?
Jones: I had to get to a good enough size to kick your ass. 
Ngannou: You had to get to a good enough size to kick my ass?
Jones: Yes.
Ngannou: That’s a good three years.

Jones, who turns 36 next month, is already looking at a possible retirement fight against Stipe Miocic sometime within the year. As for the 36-year-0ld Ngannou, it appears he won’t be booked until 2024, when he’s expected to make his PFL debut. 

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