PFL 6: Live results stream, video highlights and open thread

Check out all the results for this weekend's PFL 6 Card.

By: June M. Williams | 3 months ago
PFL 6: Live results stream, video highlights and open thread
April 14, 2023: (R-L) Lightweight Olivier Aubin-Mercier punches Shane Burgos during the PFL 3 Regular Season Fight Night at The Theater inside the Virgin Hotel on April 14, 2023 in Las Vegas, NV. CSM. Las Vegas United States of America - ZUMAc04_ 20230412_zaf_c04_276 Copyright: xChristopherxTrimx

PFL 6 Primer

Two champions are coming back for high-stakes action at this weekend’s PFL 6 (Professional Fighter’s League) event. First, we have the Canadian PFL Lightweight Champ, Olivier Aubin-Mercier, taking on a homeland foe in Anthony Romero for our main event. Plus, PFL Welterweight Champion, Sadibou Sy, will be going at it against Shane Mitchell in the co-main event.

With a five-way tie at the peak of the PFL Lightweight standings, Aubin-Mercier could use this opportunity to carve his way to the top; adding onto his 7-fight win streak is the most likely outcome here. Meanwhile, Sy has three opposing fighters ahead of him in the PFL points right now and needs to get the ‘W’ in order to have a fighting chance this season.

Shane Burgos is still in the fray, having a go at it with Japan’s Yamato Nishikawa in the second of three Lightweight bouts on the PFL 6 main card. We get a mix with Welterweights in our other three main event fights. Plus, in our main card opener we get ‘Cassius’ Clay Collard looking to take out Steven ‘Braveheart’ Ray in what should be a fight veteran barnburner. Overall, it is shaping up to be an entertaining event, and we will have all the results and highlights for you right here.

The PFL 6 event is set to get underway at 9/6PM ETPT on Friday, June 23, 2023, with cagewalks at approximately 12AM/9PM ETPT. Times subject to change. This season is being showcased from the (OTE) Overtime Elite Arena located in Atlanta, Georgia. The card will be streaming live on ESPN+ and DAZN.


Tonight’s PFL 6 LIVE MMA Card Results


  • 12. Main Event: Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs. Anthony Romero
  • 11. Co-Main Event: Sadibou Sy vs. Shane Mitchell
  • 7. Clay Collard vs. Stevie Ray


  • 6. Carlos Leal vs. Dilano Taylor
  • 5. Natan Schulte vs. Raush Manifo
  • 4. Alex Martinez vs. Bruno Miranda
  • 3. Jarrah Hussein Al-Silawi vs. Solomon Renfro
  • 2. Brahyan Zurcher vs. Mike Bardsley
  • 1. Abdullah Al-Qahtani vs. Lamar Brown

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