‘What are you doing around other women?’ – Conor McGregor ripped by UFC vet over latest controversy

After his latest sexual assault allegations, Conor McGregor's life decisions were put into question.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 3 months ago
‘What are you doing around other women?’ – Conor McGregor ripped by UFC vet over latest controversy
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At one point in his career, Conor McGregor was on top of the world. “The Notorious” was practically an overnight success in the UFC and became a global superstar before he reached the age of 30. 

Nowadays, McGregor is in the headlines for the wrong reasons, as he faces new sexual assault allegations. Because of this, his life decisions are put into question. 

Conor McGregor’s life decisions questioned

In a recent episode of MMAFighting.com’s the Writer vs. the Fighter, UFC veteran Matt Brown essentially questioned Conor McGregor’s recent life decisions. “The Immortal” even had some unsolicited advice for the 34-year-old Dublin native

“If I were advising him, which I’m not and never would — I’d advise him to fight me if I advise him of anything — but if I was, I would say keep the f–k out of those situations. 

“What are you doing around other women anyway? Why do they even have the chance to say this shit? We can’t say this enough. Why are you even in this situation where it’s a possibility?”

For Brown, one possible reason for Conor McGregor’s recent slip-ups is the lack of guidance from the people around him. 

“I have no idea if he did it or not, no one here is making allegations or accusing anyone of anything, but the fact that you’re even in that situation where they have the potential to [make those claims], someone’s not advising you the right way.

“Someone’s not having your back. Someone is not telling you the right things that you need to be doing.”

According to multiple reports, Conor McGregor allegedly coerced a woman into getting physical with him during a Miami Heat game early this month. A video of the UFC star later surfaced showing him purportedly leading his accuser into a restroom where the alleged incident happened. 

But late last week, a new video made the rounds showing Conor McGregor hanging out with the victim at a club, supposedly shortly after the reported incident occurred. Both parties also released separate statements, with Team McGregor stating that the said clip only proves that the allegations were untrue. 

Brown doubts Conor McGregor will push through with UFC return

Conor McGregor’s UFC return remains hanging in the balance. He has yet to re-enter the USADA testing pool, a requirement for shelved and retired fighters upon their planned return.  

These uncertainties have cast doubts on McGregor’s next career move and whether or not he will even make a comeback. 

“Even if he does somehow fight again, which again I’m not confident in, I’m like 80-20 he’s never fighting again, but even if he does, we have a decent idea of the lifestyle he’s living. 

For Brown, Conor McGregor’s lifestyle brought on by his boosted net worth could play a huge role in future developments. 

Formula 1 2023: Monaco GP CIRCUIT DE MONACO, MONACO - MAY 28: Conor McGregor during the Monaco GP at Circuit de Monaco on Sunday May 28, 2023 in Monte Carlo, Monaco. (Photo by Simon Galloway LAT Images) Images) GP2306_145423SMG_5366
Imago | Simon Galloway LAT Images

“He’s not going to get in there and get grimy again. He’s not going to do that underground, hardcore training where he’s getting f–ng pounded everyday, and he’s working his way out of bad positions. I just don’t see that.

“We could be wrong. We have no f–ng clue truthfully, but I don’t see it. All we can go by is what we see in the news and the media, and I don’t think anyone would disagree. We don’t see it at all.”

What the UFC says about Conor McGregor’s return

From their end, the organization also remains uncertain about the status of their biggest superstar. Company president Dana White already opened up about the challenges of being in the Conor McGregor business. 

“The one thing you guys have to understand is this kid has so much money. It’s like Khabib [Nurmagomedov] now. These guys got shit-loads of money and it’s hard to reel these guys back in and get them fired up to get in and fight.”

McGregor (22-6) last fought in 2021 at UFC 264. He last experienced a win in January 2020, when he TKOd Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone at UFC 246.

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