Spinning axe kick, and the Top 5 wildest knockouts from Karate Combat

Ahead of Karate Combat 40, we made a list of our top-5 favorite knockouts from KC over the years.

By: Eddie Mercado | 3 months ago
Spinning axe kick, and the Top 5 wildest knockouts from Karate Combat
Check out our top-5 Karate Combat KO's ahead of KC 40 in Miami | Eddie Mercado

Karate Combat 40 is kicking off this Saturday (June 24th) from Miami, Florida but before we get there, let’s take a look at our list of top-5 KC KO’s. Of course the order of these knockouts is debatable, but the fact that they’re all amazeballs is not. With a Karate KO list, of course we have kick and punch finishes, but what might surprise people is a good old fashioned slam making the cut. You’ll also see some one-punch walkoffs, and even a face plant to boot. Point fighting has its place, but it’s not in The Pit. Now let’s get to the brutality, including a couple of honorable mentions.

Top-5 Karate Combat KO highlight videos

  • #5: Ross Levine – one-punch walkoff in Igor De Castañeda rematch at KC 38

Ross Levine pulled off a ridiculous one-punch walkoff knockout on Igor De Castañeda in their rematch at KC 38. ‘Turbo’ Levine had Igor backing up, and then uncorked a bodacious left hook that sent him falling to the embankment. De Castañeda was clearly sauced, so Ross walked away like a boss, middleweight title intact!

  • #4: Nikos Gidakos – One-punch face plant KO of Gilmarcos Debastos at KC Season 3 Event 5

This one’s brutal! After a scrappy back and forth battle at KC Season 3 Event 5, the fighters came together to unload their respective haymakers. They both connected, but Gidakos brought his head off of the center line, and Debastos left his chin up in the air to be clobbered. Gilmarcos went out on impact, face planting as he hit the deck. Oof!

  • #3: Daniel Viveros – body lock slam KO of Stefanos Roupakas at KC Season 2 Event 4

Here’s a fun one! When you think of Karate, you mostly think of punches and kicks, but Karate Combat also includes takedowns. Because of that, we were treated to a brilliant display of grappling when Daniel Viveros ferociously slammed Stefanos Roupakas into unconsciousness with a body lock takedown. This is extra refreshing for me, especially after the recent Carlos Hernandez slamming KO was overturned to a majority decision at UFC Fight Night: Vettori vs. Cannonier.

  • #2: Fabiola Esquivel – head kick KO on Ana Villanueva at KC Season 3 Event 8

This one is so cold that you can legitimately see a fighter regain consciousness due to a followup punch being landed. Fabiola Esquivel added to her highlight reel when she clipped an advancing Ana Villanueva with a head kick in the final minute of their match at KC Season 3 Event 8. Villanueva was asleep when she hit the floor, but then Esquivel landed a followup ground strike that woke her back up. Bananas!

  • #1: Ross Levine – Spinning axe kick on Igor De Castañeda against The Pit wall at KC Season 4 Event 1

If you’re leaning up against the embankment of The Pit, then you’re not considered to be a downed fighter, and all standing strikes remain legal. Igor De Castañeda had to learn that the hard way thanks to Ross Levine at KC Season 4 Event 1. Levine countered an overhand with an stinging uppercut, and then Igor dropped back onto the embankment to avoid a head kick. That’s when the spinning axe kick came crashing into the face of De Castañeda, prompting the ref to stop the fight. A wobbly Igor stood up in protest right away, which would ultimately lead what became our #5 Karate Combat KO.

Karate Combat honorable mentions

  • Elijah Everill – Mortal Kombat style finish of Rahul Bhowmick
  • Vasilii Antokhii – Near decapitation of Reda Messaoudi
  • Igor De Catañeda – Ridge hand KO of Jorge Perez
  • Arthur Gasanov – spinning back kick KO of Tommy Azouz
  • Luiz Rocha – spinning back kick KO of Dimitris Triantafyllis

Full Karate Combat 40 fight card

  • Josh Quayhagen vs. Rafael Aghayev: Welterweight Title
  • Edgars Skrivers vs. Gabriel Varga: Lightweight
  • Samuel Ericsson vs. Alexandre Bouderbane: Welterweight
  • Kenji Grillon vs. Shahin Atamov: Welterweight
  • Jesus Lopez vs. Ilies Mardhi: Bantamweight
  • Marcel Ritter vs. Kai Calaway: Middleweight
  • Fernando Paz vs. Jeremy Payet: Lightweight
  • Deivis Ferreras vs. Mitchell Thorpe: Lightweight
  • Jo Miyahara vs. Leo Valdivia: Lightweight
  • Maximo Nunez vs. Damian Villa: Bantamweight

Disclosure: Karate Combat is covering the author’s travel expenses to this event.

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