UFC champ and Bellator star beefing online: ‘U struggling in the B League’

UFC champ Jamahal Hill and Bellator star Corey Anderson went after each other's records on Twitter.

By: Lucas Rezende | 3 months ago
UFC champ and Bellator star beefing online: ‘U struggling in the B League’
IMAGO/ZUMA WIRE: UFC champ Jamahal Hill defeated Glover Teixeira in January 2023.

A cross-promotion beef between light heavyweights has recently taken over Twitter as UFC champion Jamahal Hill and two-time Bellator title challenger Corey Anderson started going at each other over who has got the best MMA resume.

A Twitter war between a UFC champ and Bellator star

It all started when Anderson mentioned that himself and Bellator’s heavyweight champion Vadim Nemkov were more talented than the top of the UFC’s LHW and HW divisions. The statement prompted a response from Hill. who commented on the matter on his official YouTube channel. Once the video was published, another Twitter user tagged ‘Overtime’ and Anderson went after Hill from there.

Among the first points brought up by Anderson, he mentioned Hill’s loss to Paul Craig in June 2021, which ended with ‘Sweet Dreams’ losing via TKO after having his shoulder dislocated early in the fight. Furthermore, the Bellator star also mentioned that his win over former champion Glover Teixeira was more impressive than Hill’s.

“Old sweet booty. Jamahal Hill in his feelings. Talk about MMA math. Didn’t you get your arm snapped by Paul Craig? So that’d make him the best. I toasted the 44-year-old guy you beat (Glover Teixeira) to win the belt on 2-week notice when he was ranked #3. Other than that who (did) you beat? Nobody!”

In his first reply to Anderson’s provocations, Hill mentioned a knockout loss the Bellator star suffered to Ovince Saint Preux, in November 2017, while the UFC champ was able to knock out ‘OSP’ when they met, in December 2020.

“Bro, you got slept by OSP (Ovince Saint Preux) and you see what I did to him! You can’t cut it at the top and you are struggling in the B league. I lost one fight in my life due to injury, you took naps. We (are) not the same! My resume will always read champion and at the end of the day I will beat your ass. Period.”

Hill and Anderson questioned each other’s achievements

In his next tweet, Anderson once again mentioned Hill’s loss to Paul Craig and claimed the UFC champ cannot think about him. To this, Sweet dreams ended the argument by saying that Overtime is simply unable to beat him, if the pair was to ever fight.

“Due to injury?! You got your arm snapped by a dude who hasn’t beaten a ranked guy yet. If we are not the same, why is my name in your mouth? Because, as you noticed, yours ain’t even on my mind. You keep talking about what someone else did. You ain’t them! And this ain’t then.”

“The more you talk, (the more) you show how slow you are! Paul beat Magomed and remember how you were riding his n-ts. He could beat you! You can’t mention the best without mentioning me because I am him! You can’t f-ck with me in the cage, verbally or in resume (only three years in). Just stop it!”

Hill and Anderson are both coming off wins

Most recently, Jamahal Hill (12-1-1 NC) became the UFC light heavyweight champion when he defeated Glover Teixeira for the vacant title in January of this year. The victory put the 32-year-old on a four-fight winning streak, with victories over Thiago Santos, Johnny Walker and Jimmy Crute before that. Sweet Dreams’ last loss is the aforementioned defeat to Paul Craig, in 2020.

Meanwhile, Corey Anderson (17-6-1-NC) scored a win just last weekend, beating another UFC veteran and former Bellator champion Phil Davis via split decision at Bellator 297. The win came after two back-to-back encounters with Bellator star Vadim Nemkov, the first ending in a No Contest due to a clash of heads and in unanimous decision win for the Russian in the rematch, in November 2022.

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