Video: Mark Zuckerberg hires BJJ world champ Mikey Musumeci to train him

Mark Zuckerberg trained with BJJ world champion Mikey Musumeci.

By: Kevin Bradley | 3 months ago
Video: Mark Zuckerberg hires BJJ world champ Mikey Musumeci to train him
Credit: Mark Zuckerberg's Instagram

Continuing his martial arts arc, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg put in some rounds against one of the best grapplers on the planet. Five-time BJJ world champ Mikey Musumeci was filmed lightly rolling with the billionaire, before both men threw on the gloves for some light sparring. The video was posted to Zuckerberg’s Instagram page, gaining over 91k likes as of publishing.

“Great learning from jiu jitsu legend @mikeymusumeci… and starting to prepare for our MMA debuts 😉,” Mark Zuckerberg captioned.

Mark Zuckerberg’s game

Since first putting out martial arts content in 2022, We’ve seen Mark Zuckerberg collaborate with UFC stars on Metaverse projects and even win gold at a small BJJ tournament. Though obviously not full speed, we see the same armbar setup in the above video that he used in his grappling debut last month.

Zuckerberg is coached through a single leg, then moves to side control and isolates Musumeci’s left arm with his legs. Collecting the right arm, he spins up and falls back into the finish. We then see a guard pull into a triangle from Zuckerberg, a good series for white belts to learn. We also see Musumeci on the offense, countering a single leg with a sweep into a mounted guillotine, as well as a berimbolo into a back take.

Though he had less luck defending Musumeci’s attacks, the two were clearly happy with Zuckerberg’s performance.

“That was perfect,” Musumeci said after the armbar.

The two then traded light combos on the feet, also taking turns on a heavy bag.

Pros react to Mark Zuckerberg’s training video

Like every Zuckerberg BJJ post, the pros came out to offer praise and takes on his technique.

“Learning from THE BEST ✊🏾✊🏾” commented UFC welterweight Gilbert Burns.

ONE FC CEO Chatri Sityodtong also chimed in, writing, “looking sharp, mark! 🔥🔥🔥”

Other BJJ legends offered compliments to the social media giant, like ADCC Champs Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida, Augusto Tanquinho and Felipe Pena.

“Thats amazing, great [technique] 👏🏼” Pena wrote.

Billionaire MMA Superfan

Unlike other BJJ hobbyists, Zuckerberg has the ability to inject himself deeply into the sport’s zeitgeist. From private UFC cards at the Apex Center to private training sessions with the best combatants alive, Zuckerberg seems determined to take his fandom to every extreme he can. And because of his power, each foray is met with near universal acclaim from pro fighters and grapplers hoping to rub shoulders with the world’s richest white belt.

With Musumeci’s planned eventual switch to MMA, will we see Zuckerberg in his corner?

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