20 pounds! – Potential Canelo opponent reveals ridiculous contract terms in fight offer

Canelo Alvarez is looking for opponents, but not all of his potential foes are jumping at the prospect.

By: Lukasz Fenrych | 3 months ago
20 pounds! – Potential Canelo opponent reveals ridiculous contract terms in fight offer
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Canelo’s offer, Jack’s response

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez’ career hasn’t gone quite how he wanted it to over the year or so–and now it seems like his name might not have quite the cachet it used to either. We heard earlier this week that Canelo has some opponents in mind for his next fight date. Now one of those opponents has confirmed that they’ve talked, but he’s not interested in the terms on offer.

Badou Jack is the current WBC world cruiserweight champion. Canelo or his team evidently decided they’d like to take a crack at that belt, yet another title in what would be his fifth weight division. However, according to Jack, the Mexican superstar doesn’t fancy building up all the weight himself–or allowing his opponent to carry it. The cruiserweight limit is 200 lbs, and Jack states that Canelo wanted to set the fight at 180 lbs, and include a maximum rehydration clause (limiting the weight Jack could come in on fight night too).

Now, it’s true that catchweights aren’t unheard of in boxing, even for title fights–Canelo himself has fought two title fights at agreed weights below the official limit. His loss to Floyd Mayweather was fought for two 154 lb (light middleweight) titles, but with a catchweight of 152, and he defeated Miguel Cotto for a vacant 160 lb (middleweight) title at an agreed weight of 155. The 25 lb jump from light heavyweight to cruiserweight is a different beast though. Those differences are minor compared to what he’d be asking Jack to give up here.

It’s true that the Swede did previously fight at light heavyweight (175lbs), and even at 168lbs, ten years ago. However, he hasn’t hit that LHW limit for three years now, and last weighed below 198 two years ago. At age 39, weight cutting isn’t easy for him, so his incredulous response is understandable. Sure, as long as the weights are above 175lbs a title fight is legal, but it does seem a little bit preposterous.

Canelo’s other disputes

Badou Jack is not the only potential opponent who feels able to turn him down unless he drops some weight demands. Canelo, of course, would love to get a chance to rematch Dmitry Bivol, the Russian light-heavyweight champion who dominated him to a decision victory last year. The sticking point is that Canelo would prefer the fight to be at that same weight class – but Bivol says that would be too easy, and he won’t take it unless they fight at super-middleweight, for Canelo’s collection of world titles there. Both appear to be standing strong on that point, so we’re not likely to see that fight this year.

Badou Jack’s suggestion

Jack does have a name in mind for Canelo’s next opponent though. We last saw David Benavidez overwhelm Caleb Plant back in March. It was an excellent performance that many thought established him as the top contender at super-middleweight, and thus the primary challenger for Canelo’s belts there. Badou Jack is clearly among those who thinks it would be a worthwhile challenge.

Given that the search for an opponent appears to be accounting for almost any opponent but Benavidez though, he may be waiting a while.

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