GLORY Collision 5 Video: Fighter takes out ref with wicked right in main event 

Referee Edward Strijkert has one hell of a chin after getting nearly knocked out at GLORY Collision 5 on Saturday!

By: Kristen King | 3 months ago
GLORY Collision 5 Video: Fighter takes out ref with wicked right in main event 
Referee gets clocked at GLORY Collision 5 | Screenshot from GLORY Twitter account

Antonio Plazibat nearly got two (!) finishes at GLORY Collision 5 on Saturday. Vying for the interim GLORY heavyweight championship, Plazibat and Kevin Tariq Osaro went toe-to-toe in an exciting fight. Perhaps one of the most exciting exchanges happened near the end of the second round when Plazibat teed off on Osaro with a flurry of punches. 

Fighter nearly KOs referee at GLORY Collision 5

As Plazibat was trying to seal the deal, the horn signifying the end of the round sounded, but the heavyweight was still throwing those one-hitter quitters. Referee Edward Strijkert came in to try and separate the fighters when he got caught by one of them and sent to the canvas. Ouch.

You can watch the exchange here: 

“There goes the referee!,” shouted one of the GLORY commentators. 

“Edward Strijkert took the biggest punch of the night from Antonio!,” quipped another commentator. “My God!” 

Strijkert was then tended to by some official ringside and they decided to swap him out for another referee (H/T our friend Caposa on Twitter). Fortunately, after that, there were no other referee-related incidents. 

In the end, Osaro returned the favor to Plazibat and earned a fifth-round TKO to claim the interim GLORY heavyweight championship. 

A teeth-shattering win at GLORY Collision 5

A referee nearly getting finished by a fighter was not the only strange thing to happen at GLORY Collision 5 on Saturday. To start the event, we saw a fighter get his front teeth knocked out in what was easily one of the most gruesome injuries of the year. 

After getting hit with a right hand, Ulric Bokeme turned away from Michael Boapeah and signaled to his corner that something was wrong. That something? His front teeth were completely out of his mouth. He spit out his mouthpiece, and there they were on the GLORY canvas. 

The referee had no choice but to wave off the fight, much to the chagrin of Bokeme, who may or may not have wanted to continue fighting Boapeah. 

Check out the full results and highlights from GLORY Collision 5 here.

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