Video shows Conor McGregor with rape accuser at NBA Finals

A video has been released purportedly showing Conor McGregor leading his rape accuser into a restroom at a NBA Finals game.

By: Tim Bissell | 4 months ago
Video shows Conor McGregor with rape accuser at NBA Finals
Conor McGregor at an NBA Finals game in Miami, Fl. IMAGO/Jim Rassol

UFC superstar Conor McGregor has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman at an NBA Finals game in Miami, Fl on June 9. TMZ first reported on the claims, noting that McGregor had denied the accusation. That outlet has since published video that it claims shows McGregor leading his accuser, by the hand, into the bathroom where she claims the assault took place.

Video of Conor McGregor with rape accuser

The video of Conor McGregor and the woman who has accused him of sexual assault was published on TMZ this morning. The short video shows McGregor, in a black t-shirt, taking a person by the hand and leading them through and out of a crowded room. The identity of the person being lead has been digitally obscured.

TMZ also published a 15 second clip showing McGregor flexing and singing alongside the accuser, who was again digitally obscured.

Allegations against McGregor

Ariel Mitchell, a lawyer representing McGregor’s accuser, has alleged that McGregor physically forced his client into a restroom and then raped her.

Mitchell further alleged that NBA and Miami Heat security helped separate the woman from a friend before she was forced into the restroom.

“Security refused to let [the woman] exit or allow anyone else, including her friend, inside the bathroom,” wrote Mitchell in a letter to the NBA. Mitchell further claimed that, once inside the restroom, McGregor “aggressively kissed” the woman and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

Mitchell’s letters then claimed that McGregor pinned his client against a wall and attempted to sodomize her. Mitchell claimed his client was able to elbow McGregor and then escape the restroom. Mitchell said his client left her purse in the bathroom and had to plead with McGregor’s security team to get it back.

UFC released a statement regarding the incident

In a rare move, the usually tight-lipped UFC released a statement regarding this accusation against Conor McGregor.

The promotion released this short statement on their official website:

“The organization is aware of the recent allegations regarding Conor McGregor and will continue to gather additional details regarding the incident. UFC will allow the legal process to play out before making any additional statements.”

It is not known if the UFC and it’s broadcast partner ESPN will continue to broadcast the 31st season of The Ultimate Fighter. That series features McGregor as a team coach opposite Michael Chandler.

Past accusations

This is not the first time Conor McGregor has been accused of assault.

According to The New York Times McGregor was investigated over sexual assault claims made against him in 2019. No criminal charges resulted from those claims. The New York Post reported that McGregor was accused of a second sexual assault in 2019.

McGregor is currently the subject of a civil case regarding that first 2019 accusation.

In 2020 McGregor was accused of exposing himself to woman in a bar bathroom on the French island of Corsica. McGregor faced no criminal charges as a result of that accusation.

Support for survivors of sexual assault can be found from the following organizations:

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