UFC 289 winner defends opponent after nasty online harassment from ‘hateful clowns’

Jasmine Jasudavicius stood up for Miranda Maverick after hate from their UFC 289 bout.

By: Jack Wannan | 4 months ago
UFC 289 winner defends opponent after nasty online harassment from ‘hateful clowns’
Jasmine Jasudavicius defended Miranda Maverick due to the online fallout from their UFC 289 bout. | IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

No matter the sport, it’s a constant that there will be fans that take things way, way too far. Such is the case after UFC 289, as some have hopped on social media to send negativity toward Miranda Maverick after her loss to Jasmine Jasudavicius.

In a unifying moment, both Maverick and Jasudavicius have spoken up about the hate that has been sent the losing fighter’s way.

Maverick gives advice for anyone receiving social media hate: ‘Ignore these clowns’

It’s almost inevitable that a fighter will receive hate after a loss. If having your career affected by a loss isn’t enough, some fans believe that their frustration about your performance – for whatever reason it may be – has to be heard.

Almost every fight has a winner and a loser, and Maverick was on the less-fortunate side of that two-way street when she competed at UFC 289 last weekend. The now eight-fight UFC vet had a winning streak broken by Jasudavicius, who earned the scorecard nod in front of her home country of Canada.

Miranda spoke about the hate she received recently, saying that her social media inbox included messages telling her to kill herself. Saying that these messages don’t bother her, she used the moment to tell others that they also shouldn’t feel hurt by such comments if they end up on the receiving end of them someday as well.

“Just because we have a blue check by our names doesn’t mean we are invincible,” Maverick said in an Instagram Story, as first reported by WMMARankings.com. “Mind you, I ignore these clowns but to those who struggle with what social media thinks of you, remember most keyboard warriors don’t have much to show for their lives. Go after something with all the effort you have regardless of the result[.] Know you put your all on the line. And to you pieces of & who say such hateful things, I hope you never experience the pain of having someone say/do the same to you. God bless you all.”

Jasudavicius defends Maverick after UFC 289 win

Jasudavicius did not have any patience for the hate that her most recent opponent received after UFC 289. She took to Twitter to defend Maverick and also condemned the harassment that went her way.

“What happened to ‘if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing'” Jasudavicius asked rhetorically toward the people who sent Maverick hate messages. “It was an honor to share the octagon with Miranda. Those talking s–t are the same ones that could never do what we do.”

Jasudavicius then went an extra step and offered for Maverick to join the Niagara Top Team for a training session “anytime.”

Jasudavicius’ win last weekend was her second since moving to flyweight. The victorious talent heard about the harassment that Maverick had received online and decided to voice her opinion as well.

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