Watch: Fans went wild at UFC 289, brawled in the seats and the streets

UFC 289 saw a number of Canadians take part in an age-old national tradition: Acting like a dingus at sporting events.

By: Tim Bissell | 3 months ago
Watch: Fans went wild at UFC 289, brawled in the seats and the streets

UFC 289 saw some wild action on Saturday. And not all of it was in the cage. Fans in Vancouver got quite the show, with Canadian fighters going undefeated in the Octagon. But that joy didn’t stop some ticket holders from throwing down themselves in brawls both inside and outside the arena.

Some might be surprised that ‘friendly and kind’ Canadians give in to this kind of brutality. However, as someone who lives in Canada, let me quote Nate Diaz in saying “I’m not surprised.”

When a Canadian hockey team does very well or very poorly, you better hope your car isn’t parked on the street. And when you’re at a Blue Jays game you need eyes on the back of your head (I’ve seen a fight in the stands at almost every game I’ve ever attended). Though, I should note that not all Canadians are fighters are sporting events… some are lovers.

So what went down in and around the Rogers Arena is not shocking. It is embarrassing, though. You can check the vids below to see some canucks acting like absolute goons.

UFC 289 fan fight: inside version

UFC 289 fan fight: outside version

Teachable moment

Don’t let the propaganda fool you. Canadians can be belligerent puck-wits, especially after they’ve had a couple of pops. There’s a reason why one of the biggest assholes of the bird world is called a Canada goose.

By the way, if you are ever faced with a goose problem, we in Canada have developed sure-fire strategies to keep you safe.

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