UFC vet Jorge Masvidal reveals his ‘most grueling’ and ‘demanding’ training camp

Former 'BMF' and newly-retired Jorge Masvidal apparently went through a 'very demanding' training camp for the Ben Askren fight.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 3 months ago
UFC vet Jorge Masvidal reveals his ‘most grueling’ and ‘demanding’ training camp
Jorge Masvidal weighs in for UFC 287. IMAGO | ZUMA

Jorge Masvidal had a handful of big fights in his entire career. Apart from the killers he fought in both the lightweight and welterweight divisions, “Gamebred” also challenged former champion Kamaru Usman for the undisputed 170-pound title twice. 

But in his recent conversation with Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill, the former ‘BMF’ champion revealed that he went through ‘one of the most grueling’ training camps preparing for Ben Askren.

Jorge Masvidal explains Askren training camp 

Jorge Masvidal fought Askren at UFC 239 in 2019, a fight where neither man broke a sweat. It was such a highlight reel ending, that the entire action can be seen on social media. 

But according to the 38-year-old Miami native, preparations for the said fight was “very demanding.” 

“The one that I broke the world record on was one of my most grueling training camps. I still remember to this day, because I had to deal with a style that’s very different than mine. Somebody that doesn’t want to do nothing with the striking. 

“This guy just wants to wrestle. Just grapple. And he’s got the endurance and the skill. He was an Olympian for the USA, two-time NCAA champ…

“That guy could wrestle forever and not get tired. He’s not gonna lose his breath” 

Jorge Masvidal against wrestlers

Jorge Masvidal had always been honest about wrestling being the biggest flaw of his game. After losing to Colby Covington in 2022, he vowed to “give everything” to improve that particular skill.

Now retired, Masvidal admitted that the inability to keep the fight standing was something he struggled with in his career. 

“My gift is with the hands, so I want to stay away from these guys who could grab me and just tie me up and not let me get to my good stuff. 

“When I say tough, I don’t mean tough as in I’m taking hits and how we’re thinking a fight would be: two motherf—rs going mano a mano, trying to kill each other. 

“It’s more like it’s tough because you’re doing everything opposite of what a fight is. You’re just trying to hold me for dear life as I’m trying to get away and punch your teeth in.

“So those, I would say, stylistically, definitely some of the tougher ones.”

Jorge Masvidal has respect for Kamaru Usman

Masvidal may have often referred to wrestlers as “crotch sniffers,” but he has a different level of respect for former champion Kamaru Usman, the man who also dealt him his first and only knockout loss. 

“He can’t wrestle offensively to (Colby Covington’s) degree of wrestling, but Kamaru’s right under it. But Kamaru’s got a lot better hands, he has more weapons. Kamaru could actually hurt a dude. He’s way more intelligent, overall in the fight. That’s why he’s beating Colby up so easily, both times. 

“Kamaru’s definitely a much better, well-rounded opponent. Now, he’s getting even better at it. He lost his last fight via head kick, but up to that point, I saw his hands better than I had ever seen him in any fight. 

“It’s weird that in the fight, I was, like, ‘Man, this is the best I’ve ever seen him with his hands against another stand-up guy that’s not bad. And then he got clipped. But that’s the fight game, you know.”

Jorge Masvidal’s current career status

After 20 years as a professional fighter, Masvidal decided to hang it up after losing to Gilbert Burns at UFC 287. Recently, he revealed receiving as much as $5 million for a fight throughout that lengthy run. 

Masvidal is currently running his own promotion Gamebred FC, which is reportedly doing well, financially.

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