‘I’m still saying I’m the best’ – Valentina Shevchenko vows to ‘retake everything’ from Alexa Grasso

Former UFC champion Valentina Shevchenko is still brimming with confidence after her stunning loss to Alexa Grasso earlier this year.

By: Kristen King | 4 months ago
‘I’m still saying I’m the best’ – Valentina Shevchenko vows to ‘retake everything’ from Alexa Grasso
Valentina Shevchenko at a special guest fighter Q&A ahead of UFC 289 | IMAGO/ZUMA Wire

Valentina Shevchenko is heading into her reported rematch against Alexa Grasso with all the confidence in the world. For the first time in nearly six years, the ‘Bullet’ suffered a loss, as she was forced to tap to a fourth-round submission from Grasso at UFC 285 this past March.

Now months removed from her loss, the ex-UFC champion has returned to training in anticipation of a rematch with Grasso. And this time, Shevchenko is focused on showing the world who is the better fighter between her and the newly crowned UFC champion. 

“I’m getting ready for this rematch and I know what I have to do,” said Shevchenko at a guest fighter Q&A (video provided by MMA Fighting). “Yeah, I’m just getting ready. I’m refocused and retaking everything. I am in this fight in martial arts for so long, like 30 years. For 30 years, people have three careers in martial arts. But I’m still here. I’m still saying I’m the best. I’ll have my chance to say it again when I fight next Alexa.

“For me, she’s a great fighter,” continued Shevchenko. “She did what she did in the fight, but she is a chance fighter. During the fight, [she is] doing not much, conserving the energy, and waiting for a chance. But actually, if there is no chance, where is the victory? There is no victory. I know she’s going to be ready for this exact chance. But the question, if she will be given this chance? No.”

Valentina Shevchenko wanted rematch after ‘stupid situation’ led to loss

The chance Valentina Shevchenko is referring to is when she threw a spinning back kick to the body that Alexa Grasso capitalized on by jumping onto the back and jockeying for a submission.

To Shevchenko, that spinning back kick was ‘stupid’ and was the main reason she lost to Grasso. 

“This is kind of like what happens in mixed martial arts,” said Shevchenko in her UFC 285 post-fight interview. “You’re winning the fight all around, all three rounds, no doubt. And a stupid situation can change the whole game. This is the part of the game. Congratulations to Alexa, and I know that I’m stronger and if not this spinning kick, [it] would be a different result.

“Definitely, [I want] immediate revenge,” continued Shevchenko. “I know I was winning the fight.”

Alexa Grasso vs. Valentina Shevchenko 2 is in the works

UFC president Dana White recently confirmed that an immediate rematch was ‘definitely’ on tap, so Valentina Shevchenko and Alexa Grasso are due to share the Octagon again. White gave no date, but the Lobo Gym product was hoping for Sept. 16, or Mexican Independence Day. 

“I don’t know the chances, but I would love, I would love, I truly would love for this second fight to be in Mexico,” said Grasso on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. “And I would love that this fight could happen in Guadalajara. Imagine that. Canelo’s going to fight here in Guadalajara. Imagine to bring the UFC to my city, that would be huge. But if it’s Mexico City, that would be great too.

“September sounds great,” continued Grasso. “September sounds amazing, but let’s see. Of course, before the end of this year, I would like to fight. Two fights every year sounds good. I truly hope that this can be in Mexico.”

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