UFC 289 picks: ‘Charles Oliveira, third round submission, JITS’

See our readers' picks for Amanda Nunes vs. Irene Aldana and Charles Oliveira vs. Beneil Dariush at UFC 289.

By: Tim Bissell | 4 months ago
UFC 289 picks: ‘Charles Oliveira, third round submission, JITS’
Charles Oliveira before UFC 289. IMAGO/ZUMA Wire.

UFC 289 is tonight, live from Vancouver, Canada with a card that sees the women’s bantamweight title on the line. By now you’ve hopefully read out staff picks], where we are mostly on Amanda Nunes and Beneil Dariush to get wins. But now it’s time to see what our readers’ think. Like us, they are siding with Nunes in the main event. However, they mostly think Dariush will get his hand raised in the co-main event.

You can check out what our readers think about the whole card below.

This week we have extra analysis provided by readers Luke G, Tequila Sunrise, Heresgary, DJNi and Sensei Scott.

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UFC 289 picks and predictions

Amanda Nunes (85.7%) vs. Irene Aldana (14.3%)

UFC 289 readers picks

Readers’ pick: Amanda Nunes.

Luke G: Nunes. Obviously since the first Peña fight we know Amanda isn’t invincible but I don’t believe Aldana can replicate that. Solid striker but I think Amanda’s advantage on the ground will negate that and I expect that is where Amanda will take this fight.

Tequila Sunrise: Nunes, first round knockout, power of the punch.

Heresgary: Amanda Nunes – power punches.

DJNi: Amanda Nunes wins. I think she under estimated Pena and I don’t think she’ll make that mistake again. Also if this is possibly her last fight I think she’ll be motivated to make it a win.

Sensei Scott: Nunes. She has proven durable, deadly, and willing to have a patient fight. Already-avenged hiccough against Peña aside, I just don’t see her having problems against a striker unless the issues are with Amanda.

Charles Oliveira (42.9%) vs. Beneil Dariush (57.1%)

UFC 289 readers picks

Readers’ pick: Beneil Dariush.

Luke G: Dariush. I think the major factor here is Beneil is probably one of the only people at lightweight not afraid to follow Chucky Olives to the ground. In a lot of Charles’ fights he gets dropped early and is allowed to recover because his opponents don’t follow him to the ground and I think this is where Beneil’s wrestling and grappling come in. I love Charles and if he checks Dariush’s chin early I will be 0% shocked but I think this is a particularly bad matchup for him.

Tequila Sunrise: Oliveira, third round submission, JITS.

Heresgary: Charles – he can do it all.

DJNi: I think Dariush will get this. Though call but I think he wants it more. It does make me nervous so many people are picking him.

Sensei Scott: I’m picking Dariush. I think he’s a nightmare matchup for Oliveira. He can thump and his submission game is extremely disciplined and he doesn’t do the grappling equivalent of getting out over his skis in search of the finish. He won’t be afraid to follow Charles to the ground if he has him hurt. The biggest threat to him is if Oliveira can hurt him on the feet and find a way to get a sneaky back take before he can recover.

Mike Mallott (76.2%) vs. Adam Fugitt (23.8%)

UFC 289 readers picks

Readers’ pick: Mike Mallott.

Luke G: Mallot. I don’t have an incredibly educated read here beyond Mallott seeming like the stronger prospect. In the standup game there isn’t a huge gap but Mallott seems like he’s got some nice submissions, so I’m going to take the guy who’s game seems more complete. (Why is this fight higher on the card than Ige/Landwehr?)

Tequila Sunrise: Majority draw due to a low blow and bad scoring.

DJNi: Again I don’t know most of these fighter from here on down. So thanks to Zane and Connor for your break downs. Anyway, I’ll go with Mike Mallot. He sounds a little better and he’s a little younger.

Sensei Scott: Mike Mallott by who the fuck cares so MMAth.

Dan Ige (76.2%) vs. Nate Landwehr (23.8%)

UFC 289 readers picks

Readers’ pick: Dan Ige.

Luke G: Ige. Excited for this fight mostly because Landwehr is allergic to being boring and he’s going to make this a scrap one way or another. That being said, Ige is the kind of guy I’m taking against anyone outside the elite at flyweight and I think his wrestling can help him neutralize the madman that is Landwehr.

Tequila Sunrise: Landwehr grapples three straight rounds for a 30-27.

Heresgary: Nate Landwehr – Ige has been through so many wars, and Landwehr is relentless.

DJNi: I’m going to pick Dan Ige for better game planning.

Sensei Scott: Smart money is on Dan Ige but I like my money filthy and stupid. Nate Landwehr for the win.

Eryk Anders (33.3%) vs. Marc-Andre Barriault (66.7%)

UFC 289 readers picks

Readers’ pick: Marc-Andre Barriault.

Luke G: Barriault. Taking the MAB-man here. Mostly so I can could use this nickname I just cooked up but also because my defining impression of Anders is him laying and praying on the Iron Turtle and I cannot reward that kind of cowardice.

Tequila Sunrise: Barriault, just because.

Heresgary: Barriault – younger, fresher, faster.

DJNi: I’ll say Anders for athleticism and the fact that he’s improving.

Sensei Scott: Eryk Anders I guess.

Nassourdine Imavov (47.6%) vs. Chris Curtis (52.4%)

UFC 289 readers picks

Readers’ pick: Chris Curtis.

Luke G: Curtis. I think Imavov’s size is going to give Curtis problems but I’m taking Curtis because his teammate Strickland beat Imavov pretty soundly in his last outing and I think they likely have a game plan coming in. I think Curtis will be hungry after a loss to Gastelum marred by a head clash flash KO.

Tequila Sunrise: Imavov, triangle CHOKE.

Heresgary: Imavov – because Dagestan.

DJNi: I will take Imavov because he’s younger and bigger. Also Curtis starts slow.

Jasmine Jasudavicius (9.5%) vs. Miranda Maverick (90.5%)

UFC 289 readers picks

Readers’ pick: Miranda Maverick.

Luke G: Maverick. I think Maverick is just more technical and seems to be improving after some setbacks to Barber and Blanchfield.

Tequila Sunrise: Jasudavicius because it’s more fun to say.

Heresgary: Maverick – she’s underrated, and its her time.

DJNi: I’ll take Maverick based on age, experience, and speed.

Aiemann Zahabi (52.4%) vs. Aoriqileng (47.6%)

UFC 289 readers picks

Readers’ pick: Aiemann Zahabi.

Luke G: Aoriqileng. He’s younger, more experienced, and seems more well rounded than Zahabi.

Tequila Sunrise: Zahabi (no relation to Faras… or is he?)

Heresgary: Aiemann Zahabi – because I can kind of pronounce his name.

DJNi: I don’t know. I guess I’ll take Aoriqileng. If I have to pick between a turd and a turd sandwich, I’ll take the bread.

Blake Bilder (52.4%) vs. Kyle Nelson (47.6%)

UFC 289 readers picks

Readers’ pick: Blake Bilder.

Luke G: Bilder. Plainly I’m just gonna take the undefeated prospect over a guy who is 1-4-1 in his 6 fights in the UFC.

Tequila Sunrise: Nelson via ground and pound.

Heresgary: Bilder – more well rounded.

DJNi: Let’s say Bilder. He’s unbeaten, durable, and hits hard.

David Dvorak (81%) vs. Steve Erceg (19%)

UFC 289 readers picks

Readers’ pick: Steve Erceg

Luke G: Dvorak. Don’t have a strong opinion outside the fact the Vivi boys pointed out Erceg looks and fights like Ryan Hall and my anti-Ryan Hall agenda knows no bounds.

Tequila Sunrise: Dvorak because he’s cashing Czechs.

Heresgary: Erceg – young and hungry.

DJNi: Jesus, it’s rough picking fights this far down on the card. Let’s say Dvorak. Gotta root for an older guy at least once on here.

Diana Belbita (57.1%) vs. Maria Oliveira (42.9%)

UFC 289 readers picks

Readers’ pick: Diana Belbita.

Luke G: Oliviera. Seems like she has better fights against similar competition. That being said they both have only 1 win at this level but it think Oliviera has had the better competition. A loss in her debut to Baby Shark is aging as well as a 30-27 can.

Tequila Sunrise: Diana because she’s a Princess.

Heresgary: Oliveira – because she’s Brazilian.

DJNi: Oliveira because she is stated to have a one inch reach advantage. I really have no idea at this point. I’m just happy there’s no more regional level fights I have to pick on this card.

Who gets a Performance of the Night award?

UFC 289 readers picks

Readers’ pick: Beneil Dariush (47.6%), Amanda Nunes (33.3%).

Luke G: Beneil Dariush and Dan Ige. I think if Beneil can beat Charles there’s no way it isn’t a standout performance in what I likely think will be the fight of the night. As for 50K Ige I think he has the chance to corral a berserker and show why he (at worst) is an elite gate keeper at 145.

Tequila Sunrise: Amanda and Irene for having a scrap.

Heresgary: Landwehr and Maverick.

DJNi: I’ll say Dariush and Nunes. I think they both get finishes and their fights have real stakes.

Sensei Scott: Landwehr and Curtis. Because violence wins PotN.

Which fight wins Fight of the Night?

UFC 289 readers picks

Readers’ pick: Charles Oliveira vs. Beneil Dariush (61.9%)

Luke G: Dariush v Oliviera. 2 maniacs with elite grappling. What more can you ask for on paper?

Tequila Sunrise: Charles and B for having a war.

Heresgary: Oliveira and Dariush – it will be crazy.

DJNi: Dan Ige vs. Nate Landwehr. Landwehr stated that when some details the train everyone dies. Thank you Morning Combat. So being that I’m picking against him I’m looking forward to the wreck. Everyone loves a good train wreck.

Sensei Scott: Oliveira vs Dariush. The potential for action in every dimension of this fight is incredible.

Which fight are you most excited for?

UFC 289 readers picks

Readers’ pick: Charles Oliveira vs. Beneil Dariush (85.7%).

Luke G: Dariush and Oliviera. What more can I say, if this fight isn’t a banger then the MMA Gods have truly abandoned us.

Tequila Sunrise: Amanda because the Lioness is back baby.

Heresgary: Oliveira and Dariush – it will be crazy.

DJNi: Nunes vs Aldana. Nunes has always been fun to watch. Aldana won her last fight in a crazy fashion. There are good story lines here. Pretty much a feel good story if either of them win and I feel like that’s rare in the fight game.

Sensei Scott: Oliveira vs Dariush. It’s literally the only reason I’m buying this bullshit garbage dumpsterfire card.

Leader board

PositionCommunity MemberCorrectIncorrectTotal Picks%Week 11 RecordBonus Points
2Adam Law76531290.5895-65
5Luke G63541170.5388-35
7Just Simon63661290.4885-65
10Sensei Scott49581070.4580-03
11Mark S4551960.4690-05
15Fishtown Simon3020500.6000-03
16Benjamin Thornton2935640.4530-01
18Khabib “The Seagull” Nurmagomedov2413370.6490-03
19Arran D2315380.6059-33
20Keyon Talieh2327500.4600-02
22Kathy Hernandez2314370.6220-01
23Beato Puente2018380.5260-02
24Nasal Waxing2019390.5130-02

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