Adrien Broner returns with lopsided decision victory over Bill Hutchinson – Boxing video highlights

Check out the highlights from Adrien Broner vs. Bill Hutchinson.

By: Eddie Mercado | 3 months ago
Adrien Broner returns with lopsided decision victory over Bill Hutchinson – Boxing video highlights
Adrien Broner outclassed Bill Hutchinson | IMAGO/USA TODAY Network

Adrien Broner, former multi-divisional boxing champion, made his return to action tonight (June 9th) at the Casino Miami in Florida with a lopsided decision win over an ultra-tough Bill Hutchinson. Headlining the Don King PPV, Broner outclassed his opponent throughout, hurting him on a few occasions, and got in some quality work for the entirety of 10 rounds.

Adrien improves his record to 35-4-1, and of course said some off the wall remarks in his post-fight interview. Professionally speaking, Adrien continued to express his desire to reclaim his once held status of champion. He even called for the winner of this weekend’s Josh Taylor vs. Teofimo Lopez title fight.

Our description of Adrien Broner vs. Bill Hutchinson

Adrien Broner came out pumping a stiff jab, backing up Hutchinson and commanding the ring. The right hand started to follow the jab, and it wasn’t long before Hutchinson was shelled up against the ropes. A flurry of body shots connected for Broner, followed by a few uppercuts, but miraculously Hutchinson found a way to survive. This was a superb round fro the former champ.

The second round saw Hutchinson begin to paw with a jab of his own, but he was still getting pushed backwards. Broner continued to work the body with hooks, while shucking off the half-hearted offense coming from Bill.

The third act began with Hutchinson showing some urgency. He was throwing combinations, but just couldn’t really muster up anything to get the respect of Broner. Whenever Adrien touched Hutchinson, he visibly moved him. This was a total mismatch.

We saw another strong start for Hutchinson in the fourth act. He was letting his hands go, and that was great and all, but he still couldn’t generate much horsepower. The more powerful Broner stayed true to his body attack, peppering the midsection of Hutchinson as often as he wanted too.

The fifth frame pretty much started off the same way. Hutchinson would unload some volume, and Broner would walk right through it to land harder shots of his own. The pressure started to build, though, and by the end of the round Hutchinson started to get overwhelmed.

The best work from Hutchinson occurred in the sixth round. He was finally able to snap back the head of Broner, but it wasn’t sustained offense. Broner got right back in the driver seat, staying composed relying on his skill advantage to fight smart.

This wasn’t quite target practice for Broner, but it was close. Credit to Hutchinson for being tough and not giving up, but he was completely outclassed out there. Broner turned up in the seventh round. He upped his aggression and began swinging with bad intentions. Hutchinson withstood the storm, but this was incredibly lopsided.

The eighth round is where the body work of Broner started to pay dividends. He poked Hutchinson right in the liver with a left hook, causing Bill to go into retreat mode. The toughness of Hutchinson was once again on display, as he was able to tie up and grit through the pain.

The pressure let up a bit from Adrien in the ninth round. He was still dominating his lesser caliber opposition, but wasn’t forcing anything and was staying within himself. After the bell, the doctor came up and checked on the condition of Hutchinson, and deemed him fit to continue.

Hutchinson responded with more volume in the final round, but he still was unable to actually inflict any damage. Broner stayed the course, remained sharp, and didn’t do anything to blow the fight. This was a pretty clean performance from Broner.

Adrien Broner vs. Bill Hutchinson highlights

Adrien Broner vs. Bill Hutchinson fight card:

Main card

  • Adrien Broner def. Bill Hutchinson by unanimous decision (100-90, 99-91 x2): Welterweight
  • Ahmed Elbiali def. Rodolfo Gomez Jr by unanimous decision (95-94 x3): Light heavyweight
  • Guillermo Rigondeaux def. Charlie Clemente by KO at 2:47 of round 7: Bantamweight
  • Neslan Machado def. Jonathan Smith by TKO at 2:34 of round 2: Featherweight
  • Brayan Leon def. Jon Kennedy by TKO at 1:09 of round 1
  • Antonio Williams def. Braulio Rodriuez by TKO at 2:21 of round 1: Lightweight
  • Adlay Rodriguez def. Raul Garcia Jr by TKO at 1:48 of round 1: Welterweight
  • Antonio Perez def. Nigel Fennell by unanimous decision: Super lightweight
  • Joshua Clark def. Dorian Bostic by unanimous decision: Lightweight

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