Ex-UFC champ gives Tyson Fury better odds in Jon Jones street fight than Octagon

UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping says Jon Jones would have no issues with Tyson Fury in MMA.

By: Kristen King | 4 months ago
Ex-UFC champ gives Tyson Fury better odds in Jon Jones street fight than Octagon
Michael Bisping discusses Tyson Fury (pictured) and a potential fight with Jon Jones | IMAGO/ZUMA Wire

If Jon Jones and Tyson Fury were to fight in the Octagon, UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping says the latter would have no chance against the former. In recent days, discussion around Jones vs. Fury started when UFC color commentator Joe Rogan said if ‘Bones’ and the ‘Gypsy King’ were locked into a room, then the reigning UFC heavyweight champion would easily fight his way out of it. 

Of course, Fury responded to Rogan with an expletive-filled rant, saying he would have ’no f—king problem’ fighting his way out of a room with Jones. When Jones chimed in, he sent the WBC heavyweight champion a challenge: Call UFC president Dana White to set up the crossover clash. Since then, the pair have exchanged words over a potential fight, which has led to nearly everyone giving their opinion on how it would go. Enter Michael Bisping. 

Michael Bisping discusses Jon Jones vs. Tyson Fury

On his official YouTube channel, former UFC champion Michael Bisping gave his thoughts on Jones vs. Fury. To hear him tell it, plenty of people would watch, even if the result is clear.

“I am down to watch it,” said Bisping. “Come on, let’s go. Who doesn’t want to see that? Tyson Fury vs. Jon Jones in an Octagon.

“Hypothetically speaking, this would be a hard fight to make,” continued Bisping. “It’s hard enough to get Tyson Fury in a ring with Oleksandr Usyk or Anthony Joshua or any of the other fighters that he’s talking about. Usyk should be the fight [for Tyson Fury]. Stipe [Miocic] should be the fight for Jon Jones. But I’m telling you, just as a fan, I would love to see it. I’m intrigued. We did see Tyson Fury out there, doing a bit of grappling with Nick Diaz. He did a little bit with Darren Till as well. I saw him throw some knees and elbows.

“Listen, he’s a big guy,” continued Bisping. “He’s a powerful man. He comes from a fighting family of gypsies. They are tough bastards, simple as that. If it was a street fight where he can bite people and stuff like that, you never know what Tyson might do. But in a mixed martial arts contest inside the Octagon with no weapons, he’s not going to have a bloody chance. He’s not going to have a chance in hell. No way.”

Though intrigued by Jones vs. Fury, Bisping would prefer to see them fight the toughest tests in their respective careers. As aforementioned, that would see ‘Bones’ against former UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic, and the ‘Gypsy King’ against Oleksandr Usyk. 

Dana White gives Tyson Fury an offer for potential Jon Jones fight

As far as UFC president Dana White, he has recently reignited interest in getting Fury to cross over for a fight with Jones. At the post-fight press conference for UFC Vegas 74 this past Saturday, White said Fury should give him a call.

“The offer is out there,” said White (video provided by MMA Junkie). “If you want to do it in the UFC — I know he was messing around with MMA for a little while there — let’s do it. Let’s answer the question. But these guys [in the UFC] aren’t boxing. Listen, if you want the fight, if you want the title of baddest man on the planet, let’s do it. I’m in.

“…We could all talk about this forever, but there’s only one way to find out,” continued White. “Let’s do it. I’m willing to do it. Tyson can call me himself. He has my number, we have a good relationship, or Tyson’s people can call me and we’ll get it done.”

As Michael Bisping stated, getting Jones vs. Fury done is a long shot, especially since the WBC heavyweight champion has said he would not get into the Octagon.

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