Darren Till back in court over accused road hijinks

It appears former UFC title contender Darren Till is back in trouble with the law for another driving-related incident.

By: Zane Simon | 4 months ago
Darren Till back in court over accused road hijinks
Darren Till weighs in for UFC 282. IMAGO/Sports Press Photo

Former UFC middleweight Darren Till is no stranger to reckless driving incidents, or to finding himself in court over them. Back in 2022, Till found himself in court in Sweden after an arrest for drunk driving. In 2019, he and four other individuals were fined £10,000 after joyriding a taxi cab in Tenerife. Now it seems the ‘Gorilla’ is back in court.

The Liverpool Echo reports that the 30-year-old is headed to trial after pleading ‘not guilty’ to a number of driving offenses stemming from a May 21st incident.

Darren Till charged with ‘driving while disqualified’

According to the Echo, an attorney, speaking on Till’s behalf entered a plea of ‘Not Guilty’ to charges of driving while disqualified, driving without insurance, and obstructing a constable in the execution of their duty. Till did appear before the court as well, but apparently only gave his name, age, and address.

Till is set to appear in court for trial on August 30th, after being granted ‘unconditional bail.’

Darren Till looking to boxing for future fights

After a nearly 8-year-run with the world’s largest MMA promotion, Darren Till secured his release from the UFC back in February of this year. Despite the promotion’s apparent continued interest in promoting Till’s bouts, the Liverpool-based fighter has stated his interest in taking time away from the Octagon to heal long term injuries, and to pursue other interests outside of MMA.

In fact, the very same day of his latest run in with the law, Till announced the creation of his own influencer-based boxing promotion, ‘Gorilla Fight Club.’ The combat sports venture is a partnership with South African business entrepreneur Duduzane Zuma.

“Our goal is to take the brand to a global level, and with a highly qualified team on board, we have everything we need to succeed,” Till said in a statement to Telecom Asia Sport. “We will have exciting events with global stars from all areas, whether they are athletes, musicians, actors or influencers, all of them can meet in a boxing ring.”

As for his own fights, Till recently revealed that he hopes to make a run at boxing in the cruiserweight division, most likely with a debut in the second half of the year, if not sometime this summer.

“I’ve got rumors every week, everyone wants to f-cking fight me,” Till said in an April interview with ESRB Boxing. “I think I’m probably going to fight around July time, hopefully. Maybe a bit before, maybe a bit after. Don’t really know. Or, you know what? It could be end of the year. Just see what happens.”

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