Fist and Furious: Fake Vin Diesel to fight Brazilian boxing champion on August 26

Vin Diesel's stunt double is facing an actual former boxing champion in Acelino Freitas.

By: Lucas Rezende | 4 months ago
Fist and Furious: Fake Vin Diesel to fight Brazilian boxing champion on August 26
IMAGO/NurPhoto: Junior Duble worked as Vin Diesel's stunt double in Fast Five.

Former WBO and WBA super featherweight and lightweight champion Acelino Freitas may have acquired a taste for celebrity boxing matches. Having fought one of the most popular Brazilian comedians and YouTubers Whindersson Nunes back in January 2022, ‘Popo’ has found himself paired against a rather unusual internet celebrity this time around: a Vin Diesel look alike who goes by the name of Junior Duble.

The man is an actual Vin Diesel stunt double

In Brazilian Portuguese, the word ‘Duble’ means ‘stunt double’ which refers to the resemblance the YouTuber bears to action movie star Vin Diesel. In fact, the 45-year-old actually works as a double for the actor in the movie Fast Five, which took place in Rio de Janeiro.

Since Freitas entered this world of celebrity boxing when he fought Nunes in 2022, he had no shortage of other Brazilian celebrities looking to score a fight against the country’s idol while looking for a quick pay day. However, it was the Vin Diesel doppelganger who managed to grab the former champion’s attention.

Duble got Popo’s attention at an airport in Brazil

In a video posted on his Instagram in late May, Duble showed an encounter between himself and Popo at the Santos Dumont airport, where he personally harasses the former champion in a restaurant at the lounge. After some provocation and name-calling, things escalated when the fake Vin Diesel threw water on Popo, which lead to a brief kerfuffle between the two.

“What’s up, bro? All good? Man, I’ve been posting (on Instagram), my stories all the time. I’ve been tagging you. Haven’t you seen it? Are you crazy? Do you think I’m Naldo or Bam Bam (other Brazilian celebrities who have called out Popo) who just talk trash on the internet? Be real, bro.” At this point, Duble proceeds to splash water on Freitas’ shirt and a commotion ensues until airport security promptly arrives. As the video comes to a close, the Vin Diesel look alike is taken away by a guard while asking. “Do you think I’m a fool?”

Staged as it may have seemed, Popo apparently took the callout seriously. Shortly afterwards, the former champion explained his side of the situation in a video shared by fight promotion Fight Music Show, which is the company responsible for the bout between Freitas and Vin Diesel’s stunt double.

“I was at the airport in Rio de Janeiro. There’s this guy named Duble. He sends me direct messages every day, calling me out. So I’m at the Santos Dumont airport and this guy comes out of nowhere. He’s all like ‘Man, why don’t you asnwer my messages?’. ‘I talk to you all the time. Give me some attention, you clown.’ Then he throws water at me.”

“My only reaction was to push him away, because that’s how I measure distance. When I push someone away, that’s what I’m doing so I can f-ck him up. I won’t let anyone come close to me and punch me. I saw the wasn’t joking. He was pissed off. He was trying to make a show, he had even brought a camera. He had planned ahead.” The video abruptly cuts off at that point, as a message from Fight Music Show tells watchers to follow their profile to see the rest of it, though it has not been posted yet.”

Catch Popo Freitas and Junior Duble in August

Junior Duble’s YouTube channel has over one million subscribers. Its content is mostly focused on candid camera pranks, taking advantage of the fact that the entertainer looks like action movie star Vin Diesel. On Instagram, the influencer has over 3 million followers.

Acelino Freitas (41-2) became the WBO-NABO super featherweight champion in August 1999, when he defeated Anatoly Alexandronov via KO in the first round. Popo would go on to defend the title 10 times, while winning the WBA super featherweight title in January 2002. Later on, the now 47-year-old briefly won and lost the WBO lightweight belt twice, once in January 2004 and again in April 2006.

For his feats, Acelino Freitas is considered one of the most accomplished boxers in the history of the sport in Brazil. Now, he is expected to take on Junior Duble at Fight Music Show 3’s main event, on August 26.

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