Boxer KO’s MMA dude while mounted – Finish Him!

Monday's medley of the best knockouts and submissions from last weekend, including a wild KO from a boxer mounted by his MMA fighter opponent.

By: Dallas Winston | 4 months ago
Boxer KO’s MMA dude while mounted – Finish Him!

‘Twas a weekend chock-full of noteworthy referee wave-offs in combat sports. The UFC Fight Night and KSW 83 – Colosseum 2 cards alone provided ample sustenance for you finish-hungry fight fans, which is precisely why we’ve scoured the inter-webbies to compile yet another entourage of highlight-reel-worthy “wrap it up” moments, MMA style. May this be the grease to facilitate a smooth transition into your treacherous work week.

A UFC submission earns center spotlight: Karine Silva pretzeled Ketlen’s Souza left knee with a highly unorthodox leg lock that undoubtedly has the limb-despising Rousimar Palhares applauding devilishly in whatever appendage-twisting hell he’s been relegated to. Across the pond at Poland’s KSW 83 – Colosseum 2 show, Krzysztof Głowacki unveiled a barbarous anti-BJJ tactic to escape full mount in the form of a thunderous left hook to the jaw. Off his back. Why didn’t anyone think of that before?

Modified kneebar: Silva’s UFC submission

Karine Silva (16-4, 9 KO/TKO, 7 subs) is currently on a seven-fight roll and two-for-two in both wins and submissions in the Octagon, having tapped Poliana Botelho with a D’arce choke in her debut at UFC Fight Night 207 in June 2022. Working in Souza’s open guard, Silva sits back for what initially looks like a straight ankle lock or heel hook. With the heel cradled and pressure applied, Souza, on her right hip, makes two mistakes: she helps Silva by hooking her left shin, which Silva was trying to clear from Souza’s hips for leverage, then rotates the wrong way and sits upright, thus straightening out her trapped leg.

Silva arches back to apply her earned leverage and the knee buckles immediately and quite sickeningly. Frankly, this is exactly why they say “Bro, you can’t knee-bahhh?!?!” in some grappling competitions.

Medical analysis of the multi-ligament massacre

Bloody Elbow’s own Kevin Nicholson published a thorough analysis of the unconventional kneebar and considerable extent of damage Souza may very well have suffered.

Boxer gets left-hook KO while fully mounted

In his professional MMA introduction at KSW 83 – Colosseum 2, former WBO Cruiserweight king Krzysztof Głowacki (32-4 boxing record) found himself fully mounted in the cage, as many debuting fighters do. What many debuting MMA fighters absolutely do not do is uncork a monstrous left hook and slump the more experienced fighter in the second-most advantageous grappling position to the canvas. Seriously – look at the speed and gobs of torque he generates with this punch to instantaneously transmogrify opponent Patryk Tolkaczewski into a cadaver.

Cowboy Oliveira’s Harai Goshi KO

Former UFC lightweight Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira racked up a KO by unusual means at Saturday’s Titan FC 82 event. Facing Stefan Sekulic in the 50/50 clinch with his back on the cage, Oliveira shifts his stance and hits the outer leg reap to execute a classic Harai Goshi in Judo; a fairly common technique that generates an uncommon result, as Sekulic goes limp from the impact of the slam.

Mamed Khalidov’s Air-Walking KO

Staunch MMA veteran Mamed Khalidov (37-8-2), who’s fought and beaten the likes of Melvin Manhoef, Matt Lindland, Kendall Grove and Mariusz Pudzianowski, is synonymous with the MMA highlight reel. Here, he plunges a side kick to Scott Askham’s stomach and actually drops him, then welcomes him back to his feet with a jumping switch kick before swarming with punches. This was the KSW 83 – Colosseum 2 main event and a rubber match after he and Askham split fights.

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