Bad news: One clue that Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler won’t happen – (mma)²

The UFC president won't say "Conor McGregor is fighting"

By: Chris Rini | 4 months ago
Bad news: One clue that Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler won’t happen – (mma)²
Conor McGregor will be here any minute, Dana White assures us.

Things Fall Apart

In an interview a couple days ago Dana White assured media and fans that Conor McGregor was “filling out the paperwork.” This was meant to let us know that the Irish superstar’s fight against Michael Chandler was all but finalized, if only for a few bureacratic formalities. Please understand that this was the moment he told us the fight was never going to happen. The idea that McGregor’s paperwork is mid-completion is the seed of doubt that White plants and then he fertilizes the ground in his next breath: “I don’t know how soon… or what’s going on…that’s his business…”

This has been happening for a while but with TUF a part of the new cycle, we can expect this dance to continue for a couple weeks. The media and fans will want something confirmed and the brass will neither confirm nor deny that this fight is happening.

One for the Record Books

Jim Miller 2

I’d like to take a minute to acknowledge Jim Miller’s longevity, career management, and commitment to MMA. Being in the top five (and occasionally number one) in victories, stoppages, and post-fight bonuses is beyond commendable. The man has weathered storms in the octagon and within his own body (Lyme Disease) that would have broken most fighters, and a particular tip of the cap is due to his late career management. Some fighters can’t stand the idea of being anything less than an elite talent, and this often leads to late career losses, the repercussion of which may echo for years after retirement. Miller is aging gracefully in a sport that often sees fighters stick around just long enough that we wish they’d not sully the better memories we have of them. Kudos, Jim.

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