Video: UFC veteran lands brutal KO by Judo throw at Titan FC 82

UFC veteran Alex 'Cowboy' Oliveira did the unthinkable to Stefan Sekulić at Titan FC 82

By: Eddie Mercado | 4 months ago
Video: UFC veteran lands brutal KO by Judo throw at Titan FC 82
UFC veteran Alex 'Cowboy' Oliveira annihilated Stefan Sekulić at Titan FC 82 | Screenshot

UFC veteran Alex ‘Cowboy’ Oliveira has had plenty of knockouts to his credit over the years, but none may be as sensational as what he just did to fellow ex-UFC fighter Stefan Sekulić at Titan FC 82 in Novi Sad, Serbia. With his back to the wall, both literally and figuratively, Cowboy countered the wrestling of Sekulić with a brilliant throw that sent Stefan straight to the shadow realm. Stefan detonated on impact, and one followup ground strike landed before Oliveira realized that his opponent was out. He actually stopped swinging on his own, which is always a classy boss move.

This victory couldn’t have come at a better time for Cowboy. Following his lengthy tenure with the UFC, Alex suffered a no-big-deal grappling loss to the great Demian Maia, but then posted up a mixed bag of results of 2-2 in MMA. Not only does this crazy cool finish get Cowboy back into the win column, but it could very well set him up for a potential title fight. How so, you ask? Well, a former UFC opponent oh his, Will Brooks, just captured Titan’s welterweight belt in this card’s main event, and Alex already holds a ground and pound win over him. Might be time for a rematch!

What kind of throw caused the KO?

I believe the technical Judo name for this maneuver is the Uchi Mata, and in the collegiate wrestling world it’s called a good old fashioned whizzer kick. You can see the whizzer used for anti-wrestling on just about every fight card in the modern era, and are even treated to some successful throws from the position from time to time. But never have we ever seen someone knock an opponent into next week with it! On the Judo circuit in the gi, sure, but in MMA? Not to my knowledge.

Watch this brutal knockout:

Courtesy of Caposa

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