Conor McGregor said what? Did the UFC cut the come back out of Notorious’ new viral video?

Did Conor McGregor benefit from preferential treatment in the UFC editing room? That's what his opposite coach on The Ultimate Fighter says.

By: Bloody Elbow | 4 months ago
Conor McGregor said what? Did the UFC cut the come back out of Notorious’ new viral video?
IMAGO/PxImages Conor McGregor and Dana White share a laugh dayside at T-Mobile Arena

Conor McGregor is a UFC darling. Everyone should know that by now. The biggest superstar to ever emerge from the Octagon, Conor is treated more like a business partner than a fighter by the notoriously brusque promoter Dana White. So if a fighter is heading into a bout opposite the Irish superstar, he should be prepared for Conor to get “home team” treatment.

Conor McGregor tells Michael Chandler ‘you’ll do what you’re told’

The Ultimate Fighter 31 kicked off this week with an inaugural episode featuring coaches Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler. The reality series is airing on ESPN+ and gives 8 UFC veterans a second chance at fighting for the promotion along with 8 newcomers, all from the men’s bantam and lightweight divisions.

Naturally Mystic Mac running his mouth is one of the big attractions of the season. His opposite coach, former Bellator LW champ, Michael Chandler is not one to suffer foolishness gladly so fans should expect sparks to fly between the volatile fighters.

The promo video for first episode delivered the requisite amount of smack talk, highlighted by McGregor telling Chandler, “you’ll do what you’re told” when the two were discussing if their much anticipated bout would take place at the 170lb welterweight limit or maybe even as high as 185lbs in the middleweight division.

McGregor is the former UFC featherweight (145lbs) and lightweight (155lbs) champion. Chandler has almost exclusively fought at 155 pounds in his career.

Chandler says his come back was cut

But not so fast. In the UFC YouTube TUF Reaction show Michael Chandler says he had a snappy come back to McGregor’s sassy command (transcription via MMA News).

“That first scene man that obviously, that made the promo where he said ‘You’ll do what you’re told,'” Chandler began. “It’s time to, you know, just- I guess express that now that it’s out and everybody just watched it. I don’t quite know if I didn’t have a comeback‚Ķ The way they cut it, it was just me like this, you know, tapping on my chin with no, you know.

“So, this is the beauty too of us being here. We just got to watch it together, we are now reacting in real time right now. We hit record as soon as we got done watching the show and then now hopefully y’all are now joining us right after watching the show. And you’re seeing my first reaction and this won’t be the first time I think that’s definitely not how it happened in real life, yeah, that’s how they cut it. But this is what we’ve signed up for and this is a beautiful thing.”

McGregor vs Chandler expected for December

McGregor last fought in the Octagon in 2021, dropping a pair of bouts to Dustin Poirier, both via TKO at UFC 257 and UFC 264, respectively. Chandler’s most recent bout was a November 2022 loss to the selfsame Poirier at UFC 281.

Chandler brought an impressive 21-5 record into the UFC in August 2020. He has since gone 2-3 in the Octagon including a lightweight title loss to Charles Oliveira at UFC 262, bringing his overall MMA record to 23-8.

McGregor sports a 22-6 record having fought in the featherweight, lightweight and welterweight divisions. He won and abandoned the title in the first two divisions and has gone 2-1 at the higher weight, including splitting a pair of bouts with Nate Diaz. Many fans still pine for a rubber match between Diaz and McGregor to conclude that rivalry.

Hopefully Chandler and McGregor really will meet in the cage in December but only time will tell.

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