Conor McGregor’s new feud, called out by behemoth YouTuber True Geordie

Conor McGregor has been called out by 300 pound YouTuber True Geordie aka Brian Davis

By: Bloody Elbow | 4 months ago
Conor McGregor’s new feud, called out by behemoth YouTuber True Geordie
YouTuber True Geordie aka Brian Davis is calling out UFC star Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor has a lot on his plate, what with the new Netflix documentary McGregor Forever that just dropped on May 18th, his current season coaching on The Ultimate Fighter 31, his impending Octagon return against fellow TUF coach Michael Chandler, and there’s always a possible rubber match with Nate Diaz and now he can add one more thing to his “to-do” list….maybe.

Conor McGregor called out by 300 pound YouTuber True Geordie

This newest kerfuffle started when YouTuber Brian Davis, who vlogs under the cognomen “True Geordie” (a Geordie is someone from the Tyneside region of NE England) dropped a video expressing concern that “Conor McGregor (I think) has a problem” based on McGregor’s slurring words in a recent video interview with “Access” Ariel Helwani.

McGregor’s response was about what you’d expect. He dropped an obscenity laced audio reply on Twitter.

“Mr oestrogen, what’s happening? Bitch t**s. Fat f****g bitch t**s.

“Who the f*** are you? You little burns victim-looking thing. F*** me, man, who scolded you with a kettle?

“You fat f***! You fat nobody. You little feminine p**** of a thing. I f*** p****, yeah.

“Keep my name out your mouth you stupid c***. Sick of seeing your fat, burnt face. Fat oestrogen head.

“Oh my god, you can’t understand what I’m saying, can you not pal?

“You’ve got subtitles under the f***ing thing saying exactly what I’m saying. So, what are you saying? You little fat no-name.”

Davis wasted no time in responding on YouTube.

Davis said, “I used to idolize this guy….but since then he’s called me a lot of names….Remember when he used to be the best trash talker in the game? If this isn’t an example of why you should stay off the gear kids, I don’t know what is.”

He proceeded to point out that he has a massive size advantage over the 5’9″ McGregor. Davis claims to be 6’4″ and 21 stone (which Google tells me is about 295 pounds) and challenges McGregor to a fight.

“I would pick McGregor up like a shopping bag with one arm”

“I would pick Conor McGregor up like a shopping bag with one arm. If you want to do a charity fight, anything, MMA, boxing, I don’t really give a sh*t because I’m literally a giant compared to you. I’m more than twice the size of this man.

“I’m the size of the guys who Floyd Mayweather and you hire to protect them when you’re walking around in public. He is so small compared to me. I know his fans are going to think he’s like superman or whatever, but they’ve got weight classes for a reason. I’m 300 f*cking pounds and built like a rugby player.”

“He is talking about fighting Michael Chandler. That is the safest money you will ever bet on a fight in your life. He is in no way ready to fight anyone, not even me. The funniest thing is the way he’s talking about in this video, the way he complained about Nate Diaz being ‘too big’ for him and ‘too strong’ for him at 170 pounds. I am bigger and stronger than you in every conceivable way.”

Davis has no professional or amateur fighting experience. McGregor is 22-6 as a professional mixed martial artist and is 0-1 as a pro boxer.

UFC vet responds

UFC veteran Darren Till was quick to respond on McGregor’s behalf tweeting: “This pisses me off cause I like true Geordie but Conor would fucking maul you mate. There is no charity abar it, he hasn’t trained his whole life for some fat 300lb c*nt to act like he’d pick him up. No Conor would punch you up and down ur studio pal cos he’s a real fighter.”

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