Conor McGregor says he’ll use his broken leg to his advantage versus Michael Chandler

UFC star Conor McGregor revealed the move he thinks he can land on rival TUF 31 coach Michael Chandler, when they finally meet.

By: Tim Bissell | 4 months ago
Conor McGregor says he’ll use his broken leg to his advantage versus Michael Chandler
Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. IMAGO/Inpho Photography

Conor McGregor is back in action, well sorta. The Irishman who once held two UFC belts (but failed to defend either of them) is back in the spotlight, albeit a dimmed one, as one of the coaches for The Ultimate Fighter season 32.

McGregor is appearing opposite Michael Chandler. These two will supposedly meet in the cage in the near future (or not, who knows?).

The UFC used McGregor to hype TUF via a sit down interview with Megan Olivi. During that conversation McGregor made a bold claim about what he’d do versus Michael Chandler (in a fight that is definitely, absolutely, probably, maybe happening).

Conor McGregor appeared in a UFC produced sit-down interview.

Conor McGregor calls his shot

Part of Conor McGregor’s myth-making strategy has also involved making predictions. Like Nostradamus, Mystic Mac has spammed predictions so that when one of them hits he looks like a genius. This time around his prediction detailed how he might hurt and beat Chandler in their upcoming-ish fight.

“I’m going to kick this guy in the head. He’s just tailor-made for being kicked all over the place and that’s what I’m aiming for. I am aiming to wrap this steel bar around the opponent. And you’re going to see a visual of the leg hanging off and then you’re going to see a visual off a head hanging off. So I’m excited for that and motivated for that and steady making my way towards it.”

McGregor’s grisly prediction references the leg that was broken by Dustin Poirier in their trilogy fight at UFC 264 in the summer of 2021. McGregor has been on the sidelines since then and has had a rod surgically inserted into his leg. He’s also benefited from the best in sports science to ensure he healed rapidly and was ready to return to training.

Conor McGregor’s future plans

Beyond TUF, and the alleged fight with Chandler, Conor McGregor spoke about his hopes to become more active. That wouldn’t be too difficult given that he’s fought in MMA four times since November 2016.

“I hope for 100 more fights,” announced McGregor. “I hope for consistency. I hope for a run. I’ve had this on, off, on, off for the last while and I just want to get this nice consistency going.”

One fight per year is “not enough” added McGregor before stating that three or four bouts a year would be his ideal.

“One is madness. And it’s been one, one, one on, one year off, one on, one year off, and then obviously with the leg thing it’s been a bit longer.”

With no date or venue announced for McGregor vs. Chandler, we’ll have to wait and see if McGregor is able to get a single bout in before the close of 2023.

Has McGregor ever won by head kick KO?

Conor McGregor’s last win that came from a kick was his 2020 victory Donald Cerrone. That bout ended in a TKO after McGregor stunned Cerrone with a shoulder strike, kicked him in the head and then swarmed in with punches.

That’s the only time McGregor’s foot has featured prominently in an official method of victory. Though, his body kicks versus Chad Mendes in 2015 spelled the beginning of the end in that fight.

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