Before and After: BJJ star Gordon Ryan reveals significantly diminished physique during health crisis

Grappling star Gordon Ryan gave more updates on his health, showcasing a much diminished figure.

By: Kevin Bradley | 4 months ago
Before and After: BJJ star Gordon Ryan reveals significantly diminished physique during health crisis
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Gordon Ryan, picture of vanity and physicality in pro BJJ, has lost significant weight due to his ongoing medical troubles. The 27-year-old ADCC champ posted a picture of his now smaller frame to Instagram yesterday, offering more details of his condition in the description. “Everyone posts their best,” Ryan wrote. “Be confident enough to post your worst.

Medical Status

Starting last week, Gordon Ryan opened up his audience on the various health issues that has him out of competition indefinitely. A strep infection caught during Dubai trip led to ineffective antibiotics, and an extended hospital stay for an ear infection. These infections caused a relapse of Ryan’s stomach ulcers, creating more pain and weight loss. Ryan’s new stature comes after tonsillitis surgery last week, leaving him looking much closer to his early competitive days.

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“The last time I was this size (201 lbs, 20+lbs this week) I was 21 years old,” Ryan wrote. He last weighed in at 227 lbs for his match against Felipe Peña last year.

Ryan spoke bluntly on his challenging recovery, citing fears of being left behind as the game evolves. He’ll be out of the weight room for the next three weeks, and off the mat another two months per doctors orders.

Pros React to Gordon Ryan’s physique change

Ryan’s co-workers, like last week, were quick to chime in. BJJ legend Bernardo Faria joined UFC vets Tait Fletcher and TV’s Mario Lopez on wishing him well, writing, “Once a king – Always the king! Hope you have a good recover Gordon, and no doubts soon you will be back on the mats 100% again!”

“Get well soon champ,” former UFC champ Henry Crjudo commented.

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But with friends can come foes. Former teammate Craig Jones again took shots at Ryan over Instagram stories, flanked by a body shaming post from fellow NJ export Nicky Rodrigez.
“You’re never great if you need steroids to win,” Rodrigez wrote.

Do you think we’ll see Ryan active anytime soon?

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