BJJ champ Gabi Garcia accuses husband of domestic violence

Gabi Garcia accused her husband of physically abusing her and making death threats to her family.

By: Lucas Rezende | 4 months ago
BJJ champ Gabi Garcia accuses husband of domestic violence
Gabi Garcia. YouTube/Die Hard Fighting

[CW: The following article contains accusations of domestic violence]

Gabi Garcia, who is undefeated in mixed martial arts and holds nine Brazilian jiu-jitsu world championships, recently claimed that she has been suffering from abuse over the past two years. On her personal Instagram Garcia accused her estranged husband Bruno Almeida of physically abusing her during their relationship.

BJJ champ Gabi Garcia made accusations on Instagram

In a video montage on her official Instagram profile, Gabi Garcia shared images and screen captures that she said were evidence that she was abused by Almeida. Among her claims were that Almeida had struck her and stolen from her. Garcia also accused Almeida of making death threats. The BJJ champ used captions in the video to give some details about the situation to her fans and followers.

“The time has come. It’s time to be brave and tell everyone why I’ve been away for the past two years. They were the worst years of my life, but I’ll show all the details at the end of this week. I didn’t think this could ever happen. That someone could be so bad. A criminal. A person who has commited crimes before and after he was with me. A person who has money and asked for pension, my purses, my earrings. Asking for my house. Using the name Garcia.

“Married, with a son and using my last name. A person who says she is a child of God, who went to my wedding and wrote ‘God bless you’ is still his lover. Because that guy won’t divorce me. Even with a restraining order and the Maria da Penha law (A Brazilian law created to protect women who were victim of domestic violence) by my side, he didn’t stop. There are 19 cases of fraud on my credit card, closed my accounts in three different banks. I would get home to no water, no power. He took the money from my payments.”

“I had to go to court to prove that I’m the owner of my own house. He lied to his lawyer by saying that it was rented. He asked for my Chanel earrings, my purse collection, pension. He had people intimidating me. Job? He doesnt’ have one. He lives on allowance from his mother. I’m posting everything. We have to believe in the law. My parents have depression, I can’t leave my house. I still have to put a finish to some wars, though. I’ll tell my fans every single detail so I can help women who have been abused.”

Gabi Garcia said death threats against her family were part of the abuse

Alongside the captions, Gabi Garcia showed screenshots from her cellphone, purportedly showing interactions between her and Almeida.

“Every day, late at night”. Garcia said, while showing a screenshot of her phone with several alleged calls from Almeida at 3 in the morning.

Screenshots of text messages allegedly from Almeida which mock Garcia for not having health care, internet or credit cards (because Almeida allegedly cut them off) are also shown. Other messages, allegedly from Almeida, refer to Garcia by derogatory terms.

Garcia also shared screenshots of anonymous text messages making death threats against her. The same author also mentions knowing Garcia’s father’s company and where it is located, calling that a warning for the fighter.

A different screenshot shows that Garcia’s father received the same intimidating texts, telling him to make his daughter stop what she was doing while informing that they already have his address. Another text message, this time purportedly from Almeida himself, allegedly confirms that he was behind the threats to the BJJ champ’s family, saying that her ‘daddy would receive a gift’ if she turned off her phone.

On her stories, Garcia also shared pictures of what she said were injuries caused by Almeida. One shows her with a heavy nosebleed. According to the athlete, the injuries are from two months ago.

Those images are presented below. Discretion is advised.

WhatsApp Image 2023 05 30 at 16.31.32
Credit: Gabi Garcia/Instagram

Support for survivors of domestic violence can be found from the following organizations:

If you are a victim of domestic violence or know anyone who is being abused, we have got helplines listed below to assist you.

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