Horrifying: This is the worst staph infection we’ve ever seen in MMA

UFC fighter Casey O’Neill needs all hands on deck to help her friend and fellow MMA Fighter Tim Schultz deal with one of the worst staph infections you’ll ever see.

By: Kristen King | 4 months ago
Horrifying: This is the worst staph infection we’ve ever seen in MMA
This staph infection is insanely bad. IMAGO/Blue Jean Images

UFC fighter Casey O’Neill is leading the effort to help her friend Tim Schultz, a fellow fighter dealing with the most severe staph infection we have ever seen. O’Neill tweeted on Sunday that Schultz had a staph infection ‘through to his bone,’ which was severe enough to potentially cost him his leg. 

UFC’s Casey O’Neill shares updates on friend

Warning: Photos and videos below are graphic. Please proceed with caution.

On Monday, ‘King’ tweeted another update on Schultz, who was receiving the wrong treatment after undergoing two surgeries to address the staph infection. “He needs to get home immediately as the treatment he is receiving is not helping and he has been lied to about receiving a small incision etc,” tweeted UFC fighter Casey O’Neill. “He is living a nightmare.”

Per Schultz, the small incision was to ‘remove the bacteria’ in his leg. However, the incision was anything but small, and has left the fighter with a large hole on top of his foot.

“Where we are at, we are trying to get me home in the next day or two, I’ve [had] two surgeries,” wrote Schultz. “Both of which I have woken halfway through and has some [of] the most painful experiences of [my life]. I was told that there [would] be an incision made to remove the bacteria. I have now zero skin in the top of my foot. There is a video of it halfway.

“I need to get back home,” continued Schultz. “Anything people could do, share, donate, spread the [word]. Could be saving my life at the moment. Thank you again. I do love you all.”

Consider donating to the MyCause of Tim Schultz

On his MyCause, Schultz revealed the staph infection has ‘led to a dangerous decline in my blood pressure and blood oxygen levels,’ which has worsened his condition. If it gets any worse, the fighter cannot travel and return to Australia, where he can receive proper treatment. At this time, Schultz has flown in a doctor to help assess his condition.

Schultz fought as recently as this past March. The ‘Ronin’ submitted Michael Stanoff at Beatdown Promotions 3 in Australia. 

The goal on his MyCause is $100,000, with nearly $20,000 already donated. For those who can help Schultz, please donate to his MyCause here. We here at BE wish him the best in recovery.

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