Conor McGregor ‘sure’ UFC will ‘have no problem’ with him taking BKFC fight

Superstar Conor McGregor is confident he'll easily get the green light from the UFC if he intends to pursue his bare-knuckle boxing.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 4 months ago
Conor McGregor ‘sure’ UFC will ‘have no problem’ with him taking BKFC fight
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UFC superstar Conor McGregor was a notable guest at BKFC 41 in April. The card featured four UFC alums and ex-champions, two of whom were previous opponents of “The Notorious.” 

McGregor even got his moment in the BKFC spotlight when he ascended the ring to face off with the night’s winner Mike Perry, with the organization title belt over his shoulder. 

It was an image that has so far created talks about the Irishman’s possible bare-knuckle boxing appearance, something he also addressed in a recent sitdown with Ariel Helwani. 

Bare-knuckle boxing appeals to Conor McGregor

When asked about the possibility of bare-knuckle boxing in his future, McGregor gave a straight answer.

“I would do it. In a heartbeat, I would do it. Yes, I would do it. For sure.” 

For Conor McGregor, it’s the sport’s entertainment factor that drew him in. It’s something that he says isn’t always present in boxing and even mixed martial arts. 

“It’s hard to get a boring fight in (bare-knuckle boxing). Actually, it’s almost impossible for a boring fight to happen in it. And I’ll tell you why: No other discipline or sport can say that there’s zero percent chance of a boring fight. 

“Boxing can be a snoozefest. MMA can have a snoozefest, as well. There’s no chance of a boring fight in bare-knuckle. Because even if it’s just a back-and-forth jab match with not much going on, even a jab splits the skin. So from the split skin, causes panic in the ring. And then the crowd rises, and then it’s a boring (fight anymore). 

“So it’s interesting. And I’d be up for it. For sure. Why not?” 

Conor McGregor confident he’ll get UFC’s OK

McGregor, of course, is locked in a contract with the UFC, which bars him from any engagements with other promotions. But recent history does dictate that what the UFC’s biggest cash cow wants, he pretty much gets. 

UFC president Dana White is even open about the preferential treatment that Conor McGregor receives and how “f–ng special” the former ‘champ-champ’ is. 

So when asked if he believes he’ll get the green light from the UFC, this was his response. 

“The UFC is where it’s at. Nothing above the UFC. Ain’t nothing. And ain’t nothing ever will be. And that’s the truth. I’m sure they’ll have no problem.” 

McGregor’s current career status

McGregor, who turns 35 in July, remains sidelined since he broke his leg at UFC 264 when he faced Dustin Poirier in a trilogy. He is expected to make a comeback some time in 2023 against Michael Chandler, whom he coached against in the upcoming 31st season of The Ultimate Fighter. 

The major hurdle in Conor McGregor’s return has been his re-entry into the USADA testing pool. But as of the past week, he declared these issues to be over and done with. McGregor says the Chandler fight will be announced during the TUF season.

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