Watch: Was Aleksander Emelianenko in fixed fight with vlogger?

Aleksander Emelianenko just lost and won in the same match.

By: Eddie Mercado | 4 months ago
Watch: Was Aleksander Emelianenko in fixed fight with vlogger?
Aleksander Emelianenko lost and won the same match | Screenshot

Where do we even begin here? Aleksander Emelianenko, brother of one of the greatest heavyweights of all time in Fedor, was just involved in one of the most bizarre sights that MMA has to offer. The event was held in Russia, with little information available, so there is a ton of context missing here. We are going to do our best to fill in the gaps as best we can. Oh, the other Emelianenko brother, Ivan, finally made his MMA debut on this card as well.

The description of Aleksander Emelianenko losing but winning

The vlogger opened up with an unpolished flurry of jabs and crosses, which seemed unlikely to have enough oomph to puncture through a wet paper bag. However, the force was evidently severe enough to cause a seemingly defenseless Emelianenko to retreat and put his own back to the cage. From there Emelianenko shelled up and squatted down as the influencer delivered some more arm punches. That’s when the referee stepped in and the… onslaught? stopped.

The vlogger extended his hand to help Aleksander Emelianenko stand fully erect, and then motioned that he wanted to the match to continue… so it did. Mr. Vlogger quickly shot a double leg takedown and landed right in the full guard. Emelianenko instantly attacked with a Kimura, and the influencer tapped out just as fast. I’m not sure what to make of this, but it’s a farce, right? I just can’t tell who was supposed to win, and who was supposed to lose. Either way, I’m getting big modern day Bob Sapp vibes.

What a sad case! Aleksander Emelianenko had so much going for him back in the PRIDE FC days. He had the coolest back tat around, a budding career riddled with wicked finishes, and possibly the best training partner in the world in Fedor. Tragically after his sexual assault conviction, Aleksander ultimately stepped out of his brother’s shadow in worst kind of way. In the second clip down below, you can see Emelianenko gingerly exiting the cage, appearing to be in a decrepit state. Nothing about any of this makes me feel good.

Videos of the farce

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