BKFC star and new free agent offers to be backup for Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz 

Former BKFC star Mike Perry wants in on the upcoming fight between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz.

By: Kristen King | 4 months ago
BKFC star and new free agent offers to be backup for Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz 
BKFC star Mike Perry at the press conference for BKFC 41 | IMAGO/ZUMA Wire

Should anything happen to Jake Paul or Nate Diaz ahead of their fight, former Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) star Mike Perry has offered to serve as the short-notice replacement. After completing his UFC contract this past September, Diaz said he wanted to go and ‘own another sport,’ which led to a transition from mixed martial arts to boxing. One of the first fighters to react to the news was Paul, who wanted to secure Diaz as his next opponent. 

The ‘Problem Child’ got what he wanted, and a fight with Diaz was announced as official for August. However, there was some concern that Paul vs. Diaz may not happen. Given his situation stemming from a street fight with Logan Paul impersonator Rodney Peterson, it appeared as though Diaz may get caught up in legal issues. And if he does, then Paul may need a new opponent, which is where Perry comes in. 

BKFC star Mike Perry wants in on Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz

Having entered free agency recently, former BKFC star Mike Perry has started to discuss some of his next options. Among them was re-signing with the promotion, which ‘Platinum’ and BKFC president David Feldman agree is a priority after his teeth-shattering thrashing of Luke Rockhold at BKFC 41 this past April. 

“The fights got to make sense for them, and for the money that they’re paying me, they’re like, ‘Hey, do you want, what would you say?’,” said Perry at his BKFC 41 post-fight press conference. “I mean, what do you guys, what did you think? Who was gonna win this fight? It was up in the air, it could have been 50-50. Luke’s a big challenge. You look at him, and you’re like, damn that guy is a problem, maybe. But the ‘Platinum’ is platinum.

“So it’s like the money’s gotta make sense for them,” continued Perry. “It’s gotta make sense for me. They’re like, ‘Do you want belts, or do you want money?’ Well, I wanna feed my family, and I gave myself a belt, and damn it, I’m putting more credit — put some respect on me and the Platinum bare-knuckle boxing belt.”

That said, Perry has another option, like offering to stand in for Paul vs. Diaz. 

“I should be the backup fighter in case [Jake Paul] doesn’t show up to fight [Nate Diaz],” tweeted Perry.

Despite his success in bare-knuckle boxing, Perry has not duplicated it in boxing, where he is 0-1 after a fourth-round KO loss to Kenneth McNeil eight years ago. 

If not Mike Perry, then who?

Jake Paul is familiar with former BKFC star Mike Perry, who was on standby for his fight against Tommy Fury this past February. Because the former Love Island contestant withdrew from two previously scheduled events with Paul, the 26-year-old tapped Perry as the short-notice replacement. However, his services were unneeded, as Paul went on to fight — and lose to — Fury. 

Aside from Perry, the YouTuber-turned-boxer also agreed to another offer from KSI, who said he would step in to fight Paul if Diaz was out. 

“Well, if that mean Jake won’t have an opponent in August…then I’ll gladly come as the replacement after I KO Joe Fournier in May,” tweeted KSI.

“Great. I accepted you as the backup opponent,” replied Paul. “Fight is at 185. There are no rehydration clauses. Stay in shape and we will give you a call if needed. Thanks buddy for being so humble and committed.” 

When is Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz?

Paul vs. Diaz goes down on Sat., Aug. 5., at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

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