Endeavor Group Holdings, Inc filed financial statements on May 12 with the SEC for their fully owned subsidiary, the UFC. The WWE did likewise, as both companies prepare for their planned merger at the end of the year into a new entity called “TKO.”

Endeavor’s usual filings with the SEC include some details about their Owned Sports Properties, for which the UFC makes up by far the biggest portion of the segment. For the most part, these do not contain much in the way of specifics regarding the UFC’s finances. In comparison, these new filings contain consolidated financial statements that reveal so much about the UFC’s finances from the last three years. 

Looking through them, one can only come to the conclusion that the MMA world leader is doing great. And great is an understatement that doesn’t come close to giving their current business justice. Amazing, unparalleled, mind-blowing, flabbergasting. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe how good they are doing. They’re rolling in it.

UFC finances: Highest ever revenue

According to their 8-K, the UFC generated $1.140 billion in revenue last year. This is the highest revenue the company has ever reported for a year. It is a lot more than…

For more on John Nash’s full deep-dive into their 2022 financials, which reveals new information on fighter pay and record breaking profits, check out the full post over at our Substack page.

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