An inverted omoplata submission finish?! – FINISH HIM!

A Monday morning medley of the best knockouts and submissions from last weekend in combat sports. This week featuring the truly rare inverted omoplata.

By: Dallas Winston | 1 week ago
An inverted omoplata submission finish?! – FINISH HIM!

Similar to last week’s Peruvian Necktie and Crucifix Kimura edition, this week’s episode of FINISH HIM! starts off with another pair of rarely witnessed and scarcely executed submission wins. A cornucopia of skull-rattling knockouts rounds out the menu, two of which are from Saturday’s UFC Vegas 73 card and fall under the “dude’s probably dead” category; a specific sub-class of knockouts stemming from Tank Abbott’s virtual deletion of Steve Nelmark way back at UFC 11.5 in 1996.

Modified crucifix to RNC submission

At yesterday’s SHOOTO: Colors 1 event, atomweight Zenny Huang starts with a modified crucifix from back control vs Aira Koga to double trap the arm, then transitions to the rear-naked choke to notch a fantastically creative submission win.

Rolling omoplata submission

Louis Glismann hits the rolling omoplata against Melvin Van Suijdam at OKTAGON 43 without even bothering to secure the far-side arm, which is typically a necessity to finish this rare submission.

Hitting the snooze button at UFC Vegas 73

Joaquin Buckley administered a shin to the teeth of Andre Fialho that was deliciously reminiscent of Mirko CroCop’s infamous “cemetery kick” (“right leg, hospital … left leg, cemetery”). The UFC’s McKenzie vs Dern card dually delivered when factoring in Diego Ferreira teleporting Michael Johnson to the spirit world.

ACA 157: Almost too much violence, even for Russia

Russia’s seventeenth iteration of the “Absolute Championship Akhmat” event was brimming over with unconsciousness – the first 8 fights all ended with crowd-pleasing finishes.

Devin Haney vs Vasiliy Lomachenko: undercard knockouts

Super-flyweight Junto Nakatani floors Andrew Moloney with a soul-reaving left hand.

Lightweight Emiliano Vargas impales Rafael Jasso with a plunging left hand.

LFA 158, HFCMMA, Muay Thai and boxing finishes

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