UFC Vegas 73: Readers’ picks – Dern picked over Hill

The readers of Bloody Elbow have spoken. And they think Mackenzie Dern will have her hand raised at UFC Vegas 73.

By: Tim Bissell | 9 months
UFC Vegas 73: Readers’ picks – Dern picked over Hill

UFC Vegas 73 is tonight at the APEX facility. Headlining this show will be strawweights Mackenzie Dern and Angela Hill. Us on staff have made our picks, and we are pretty split on the main event.

Now it’s time to see what the readers think. Read on to see who the Bloody Elbow community thinks will win all the bouts at UFC Vegas 73. Additionally, you can see which fight they are most looking forward to and who they think will scoop the $50K bonuses on offer.

This week we have extra analysis provided by ZeistPreist and GirlCasual.

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UFC Vegas 73 reader picks

Mackenzie Dern (72.2%) vs. Angela Hill (27.8%)

UFC Vegas 73: Readers' picks – Dern picked over Hill

Readers’ pick: Mackenzie Dern

ZeistPreist’s pick: I’d love Angela Hill to take this, but I feel like they’re trying to give Dern a bit of a reset with this one. Sure – Dern can’t match Hill on the feet, but that’s not what this one is about. Hill seems to be losing a step, and despite her shortcomings, she struggles in the domains Dern is best in. Dern takes it.

GirlCasual’s pick: Can I just say that I hate this main event? Don’t get me wrong, both ladies are fun enough and contribute positively to WMMA, but I just hate these watered down Apex Fight Nights so much. I feel like the UFC is making fans pay top-shelf prices for watered down Stoli. Anyway, Angela Hill is old and Dern seems to be dealing with a breakup, which usually lends itself positively to violence. I’m taking Dern, but probably by decision, as Angie is durable and experienced as hell. Again, I hate this main event.

Edmen Shahbazyan (33.3%) vs. Anthony Hernandez (66.7%)

UFC Vegas 73: Readers' picks – Dern picked over Hill

Readers’ pick: Anthony Hernandez

ZeistPreist’s pick: Maybe Shahbazyan has put it all together, and won’t continue to tell the tale of the busted young prospects that this card seems to write, but I just don’t love his chances here against Hernandez. I also can’t believe this is a co-main. Sure it’s a fight night, but still! Hernandez wins. Probably by submission.

GirlCasual’s pick: Oh, fun! I don’t think I have it in me to root against Fluffy, and the odds have it that this is a match tailor-made for him to showcase his stuff. I think that Fluffy will wear on him and get the W, though I’m not confident enough to say how.

Emily Ducote (55.6%) vs. Lupita Godinez (44.4%)

UFC Vegas 73: Readers' picks – Dern picked over Hill

Readers’ pick: Emily Ducote

ZeistPreist’s pick: I like that Loopy is making a bit of a push, and I haven’t seen enough from Ducote to feel certain about her chances. Godinez by decision.

GirlCasual’s pick: Am I going to back Loopy again? Probably. I’m a slow learner. Though she’s inconsistent and seems to choke more often than my beloved Islanders, I’ll still blindly say she’ll beat Ducote…even though Ducote’s speed and striking makes me realize that I should have learned by now.

Andre Fialho (33.3%) vs. Joaquin Buckley (66.7%)

UFC Vegas 73: Readers' picks – Dern picked over Hill

Readers’ pick: Joaquin Buckley

ZeistPreist’s pick: It’s just getting cold where I live, and there’s nothing like the comfort of a bowl of sloppy welterweights to warm you up and get ready for rest. Two inconsistent guys who produce occasional fireworks. I think I’ve gotta bet against the guy who got KO’d by Jake Matthews, however. Buckley to win.

GirlCasual’s pick: Ugh. I mean, Buckley, I guess? I like Fialho, he’s always down to scrap and he does have the power to shut off the lights of almost anybody. Can I just say that unconsciousness wins? Because regardless of which dude gets his hand raised, I highly doubt this goes the distance.

Michael Johnson (38.9%) vs. Diego Ferreira (61.1%)

UFC Vegas 73: Readers' picks – Dern picked over Hill

Readers’ pick: Diego Ferreira

ZeistPreist’s pick: Some solid matchmaking of two similarly tenured guys who still have a bit in the tank. While I wouldn’t even bet on Johnson with someone else’s money given his propensity for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, I know I shouldn’t go with this, but Michael Johnson to win.

GirlCasual’s pick: Ferreira is too old and has been out for too long. I’m not confident about it, but give me Johnson.

Maheshate (72.2%) vs. Viacheslav Borshchev (27.8%)

UFC Vegas 73: Readers' picks – Dern picked over Hill

Readers’ pick: Maheshate

ZeistPreist’s pick: I like both guys, but Maheshate has a bit of that Chase Hooper about him, and I like Borschchev’s chances in a fight where he won’t get clinched. Borschchev it is.

GirlCasual’s pick: Maheshate. I’m a sucker for one-named individuals. Like Cher, I think Maheshate will have the hits to last the entirety of this show. Just put him in a sequined jock strap and give him a Vegas residency at the Apex.

Karolina Kowalkiewicz (55.6%) vs. Vanessa Demopoulos (44.4%)

UFC Vegas 73: Readers' picks – Dern picked over Hill

Readers’ pick: Karolina Kowalkiewicz

ZeistPreist’s pick: I really want to believe that Kowalkiewicz’ little renaissance is going to continue, and I don’t have confidence in the ceiling of Demopoulos to be as good as KK was in her heyday, but I just don’t see the good times continuing. Demopoulos to win.

GirlCasual’s pick: Kowalkiewicz is not my favorite fighter, but I trust her experience, volume, and fight IQ far more than Little Monster’s. While I love Demopoulous’ energy and gimmick (jump into MY arms next time, lady!) I think this fight will illustrate where her ceiling is.

Orion Cosce (77.8%) vs. Gilbert Urbina (22.2%)

UFC Vegas 73: Readers' picks – Dern picked over Hill

Readers’ pick: Orion Cosce

ZeistPreist’s pick: I’m not up on current TUF seasons (or DWCS for that matter), but Cosce beat Blood Diamond, which is fun to say, and Urbina lost to Bryan Battle, who made me lose a pick last week. Cosce it is!

GirlCasual’s pick: This fight is like the blank page on the SATs that they told you not to write on. A waste of space, but I’ll make a pick since that red asterisk tells me I’ve gotta. Usually I’d just take Urbina because he’s younger, but Cosce is the fresher fighter and, who knows, maybe he’ll actually do something fun this time.

Ilir Latifi (44.4%) vs. Rodrigo Nascimento (55.6%)

UFC Vegas 73: Readers' picks – Dern picked over Hill

Readers’ pick: Rodrigo Nascimento

ZeistPreist’s pick: On the one hand, I really want Ilir Latifi to win because – well – just google the picture of him on the beach riding a horse. But he’s picking up split decisions against Taner Boser, so I’ve gotta assume he’s shot. On the other hand, Nascimento also has a split decision against Boser… Go with the sadness pick, so if Ilir loses, at least I get a point. Nascimento to win.

GirlCasual’s pick: Nascimento was born when Latifi had already started wrestling. Give me the younger man in this one, even though Heavyweight is a bit more forgiving when it comes to being washed.

Chase Hooper (61.1%) vs. Nick Fiore (38.9%)

UFC Vegas 73: Readers' picks – Dern picked over Hill

Readers’ pick: Chase Hooper

ZeistPreist’s pick: Beyond the cynical and exploitative nature of the UFC, I’ve not really understood why prospects like Hooper keep getting rushed into the big leagues so fast. He’s talented, and surely still developing, but it just feels like another busted prospect. Fiore to win.

GirlCasual’s pick: It’s hard for me to bet against a man who is built like a bicycle. Hooper has proven that it’s going to take him a little longer to chase “the dream” (see what I did there?!) but I still think he gets it done against Fiore. This is a fight I wouldn’t pick if you hadn’t asked me to, Bloody Elbow. And if anyone is considering putting any money near this fight, don’t.

Victoria Leonardo (11.1%) vs. Natalia Silva (88.9%)

UFC Vegas 73: Readers' picks – Dern picked over Hill

Readers’ pick: Natalia Silva

GirlCasual’s pick: Striking versus can’t handle striking? Give me striking. Silva by whatever she wants.

Sato Takashi (55.6%) vs. Themba Gorimbo (44.4%)

UFC Vegas 73: Readers' picks – Dern picked over Hill

Readers’ pick: Sato Takashi

GirlCasual’s pick: I don’t want to have to pick this fight, and there’s no asterisk! But still, I’ll prove how bad I am it this by taking Sato. Strictly because I want him to win and I’m not sure Gorimbo is very good.

Who gets a Performance of the Night award?

UFC Vegas 73: Readers' picks – Dern picked over Hill

Readers’ picks: Mackenzie Dern (44.4%)

ZeistPreist’s pick: If Hernandez makes it look slick against Edmen, I can see him taking one. And I feel like Takashi might have a good night.

GirlCasual’s pick: Fluffy and Nascimento, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the Washingtonian beanpole got one either.

Which fight wins Fight of the Night?

UFC Vegas 73: Readers' picks – Dern picked over Hill

Readers’ pick: Fialho vs. Buckley, Ducote vs. Godinez (27.8%)

ZeistPreist’s pick: Borschchev vs Maheshate on paper looks like it might deliver some fun, technical action that will outdo expectations. So, of course they’ll give it to the sloppy welterweights, Buckley vs Fialho takes it.

GirlCasual’s pick: Can the answer be none? Because this card sucks. (Fluffy vs Shahbazyan because you’re making me.)

Which fight are you most excited for?

UFC Vegas 73: Readers' picks – Dern picked over Hill

Readers’ picks: Mackenzie Dern vs. Angela Hill (38.9%)

ZeistPreist’s pick: Borschchev vs Maheshate.

GirlCasual’s pick: Dern versus Hill because it means this card is over.

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