Podcasts Lost? WE ARE BACK BABY! | Guide to finding & following our Bloody Elbow Podcasts

With the new Bloody Elbow comes the new Bloody Elbow Podcast Network. We have some tips on how & where to find your favorite BE Podcasts...

By: June M. Williams | 4 months ago
Podcasts Lost? WE ARE BACK BABY! | Guide to finding & following our Bloody Elbow Podcasts

“What happened to my favorite BE podcasts I was following on iTunes (Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music, et al.)?”

In response to a great number of loyal Bloody Elbow Podcast Network listeners asking this question since all the new changes have been happening around here, we have put together this handy guide on how to find and follow/subscribe to your favorite shows once more!

Best Place to Go:

Why BloodyElbowPodcast.Substack.com?

  • First of all, this is our new podcast feed hosting platform. This is the first place all of our shows will post on the regular, in HD. On the home page you will find every one of our shows. At the top of the page you will find tabs leading to our various podcast “sections” (i.e.: Playlists – for each individual show). You will also find a tab to our archives, including posts made on the previous ‘BE Presents Podcast Network’.
  • Secondly, there are three ways to use the podcast Substack:
    • Just access the page and browse around, for FREE.
    • Subscribe for FREE, by providing your email address. You will then be notified when new shows drop, if you want, you can opt out of emails. That’s right, you can opt in or out of the emails, for the main feed, as well as for each individual show. You can listen to most of your favorite shows in their entirety and read their corresponding posts. You will be able to catch the first several minutes of the bonus content shows to contemplate whether or not you want to become a paid subscriber so you can hear the rest of the show. You can cancel at anytime.
    • Pledge your support to our podcast team by becoming a paid subscriber for as low as $5 a month. Why? What more do I get? Provide your email address AND set up your paid subscription and you will not only be notified when all of the new shows drop, but now your notices will include all of our BONUS PODCASTS that are ONLY available to our paid subscribers! These include: ‘The MMA Bunker/MMA Tête-À-Tête’, ‘The MMA Depressed-us’, ‘The Hey Not the Face! Podcast’, ‘Show Money’, and ‘Crooklyn’s Corner’, and maybe more shows to come! ALSO, you gain access to the BONUS CONTENT we are now recording at the end of most of our podcast episodes (20-40 mins or so of additional MMA content from your favorite hosts, or from their surprise guests, which you won’t want to miss out on).
  • Benefit to having these tabs/sections/playlists to click on at Substack? Each one of our podcasts now has its own individual unique RSS feed. Which means you can choose to only follow the shows you like, or the hosts you prefer. Shows/hosts you may not be too keen on, you don’t have to follow them, OR be emailed about them. Each tab will list all of the episodes we have broadcast of that show (since we moved to Substack recently) for you to conveniently browse through.

UPDATE — AS OF MAY 18, 2023: The primary RSS feed and section tab labeled “Bloody Elbow Podcasts” now has every single one of our shows posted to that section so you can subscribe to be emailed about them all and follow that one single feed on all of our partner platforms. WE ARE BACK!

Our new Podcast Section RSS feeds*:

  1. Bloody Elbow Podcasts (Primary RSS feed – done being constructed, up and running again): https://api.substack.com/feed/podcast/1474930.rss
  2. Care/Don’t Care Podcast:
  3. The Level Change Podcast:
  4. The MMA Vivisection Shows: ‘Main Card Preview’ & ‘Prelims Card Preview’:
  5. The 6th Round Post-Fight Show:
  6. 6th Round RETRO Podcast:
  7. The MMA Bunker – with ‘Kid’ Nate Wilcox (Bonus Content Show):
  8. The Hey Not the Face! Podcast (Bonus Content Show):
  9. The MMA Depressed-Us Podcast (Bonus Content Show):
  10. The Show Money Podcast (Bonus Content Show):
  11. Crooklyn’s Corner Podcast:
  12. Bloody Elbow Exclusive MMA Interviews:

* The official podcast names to search for are exactly as shown on this list


We are now back on every single one of these platforms under Bloody Elbow Podcasts, current episodes and archives as well. Many of these platforms also host our individual show RSS Feeds, in addition to the main RSS Feed.


We now own a CHANNEL on the Apple Platform called “Bloody Elbow Podcast” (no longer ‘Presents’). That channel offers our 12 podcasts to follow individually, at your discretion. You can search for the channel – or search for each podcast individually by name, as shown below…

MMA Vivisections, Main Card & Prelims Preview Shows: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-mma-vivisection-shows-main-card-preview-prelims-card-preview/id1680298997
The 6th Round Post-Fight Show:
The Show Money Podcast:
The Hey Not the Face! Podcast:
The MMA Bunker Podcast – with ‘Kid’ Nate Wilcox/MMA Tête-À-Tête: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-mma-bunker-podcast-with-kid-nate-wilcox-mma-tête-à-tête/id1680301019
The MMA Depressed-us:
The Level Change Podcast:
The Care/Don’t Care Podcast:
Crooklyn’s Corner:
6th Round RETRO:
Exclusive Bloody Elbow MMA Interviews:

* NOTE: Our old podcast network was changed from ‘Bloody Elbow Presents’ to ‘Bloody Elbow Podcasts’ when this migration started, it has since been archived. It is still showing up on some platforms with shows that have not been updated for some time now. Eventually, these may drop off or these archives may live on forever, but that old feed where you used to find us will not be updated anymore. Sorry for the confusion.

Bloody Elbow Podcast, Apple Podcast Connect, Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Apple, Podcast, Podcast Channel,


We now own a CATALOG of shows on the SPOTIFY platform called “Bloody Elbow Podcasts” (plural, and no longer ‘Presents’). That catalog offers the above 12 podcasts to follow individually, at your discretion. You must type in the full name of each show into the search area or click each individual unique “Spotify podcast url” below to find each of them on their platform and then click the ‘FOLLOW’ button on the shows you don’t want to miss. THE MAIN FEED FOR ALL THE SHOWS HAS NOW BEEBN FIXED, IT IS UP AND RUNNING AGAIN AND THE URL IS IN THE LIST BELOW AS WELL…

image 29

iHeart Radio

We now own a CHANNEL on the iHeart Radio platform called “Bloody Elbow Podcasts” (plural, and no longer ‘Presents’). That channel offers the above 12 podcasts to follow individually, at your discretion. You must type in the full name of each show to search for it to follow.

iHeartRadio, Podcast, UFC Podcast, MMA Podcast, Podcast Channel,

image 85

These platforms no longer appear to carry our shows. Some of them have still have our archives from prior to February 2023. At this time we do not anticipate being found on these platforms again anytime soon.

If you HAVE found our CURRENT shows on ANY of these eight platforms — please contact our Production Manager in charge of Podcast Syndication here, so we can update this guide accordingly. Thank you.

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