Tyson Fury unloads on ‘midget’ Joe Rogan for new Jon Jones comments, ‘Bones’ chimes in

Tyson Fury unloaded on UFC analyst Joe Rogan for the latter's comments about a fight against Jon Jones.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 2 weeks ago
Tyson Fury unloads on ‘midget’ Joe Rogan for new Jon Jones comments, ‘Bones’ chimes in

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury isn’t too happy with Joe Rogan at the moment. This is all from the UFC analyst’s comments about “The Gypsy King” and a possible fight with UFC heavyweight title holder Jon Jones

“Bones” later chimed in on the conversation, responding to Fury’s rant about Rogan. 

Rogan’s comments about Tyson Fury vs. Jon Jones

In a recent episode of his ultra popular podcast, Rogan spoke with fellow comedian Andrew Schulz about a potential fight between Tyson Fury and Jon Jones. Rogan was speaking in a hypothetical context outside of a boxing ring. 

“No one thinks that Tyson Fury can beat Jon Jones in a fight. No one thinks that. Tyson doesn’t think that. You want to talk (about) who’s the baddest man on the planet? If Jon Jones and Tyson Fury were locked into a room, I’m pushing all my chips on black.”

Rogan backpedaled a bit with praises towards Fury, but went on to drive his previous point home. 

“Tyson Fury is an amazing boxer. He doesn’t have a f—ng chance in hell of making out of that room. He has no chance of making it out of that room. Zero chance. He would have to, like, catch Jon immediately with one punch. And I just don’t see that happening. The threat of the takedown looms so large. 

“That shot will come so unexpectedly. When he gets his hands around you, you’ll be so stunned.”

Rogan, of course, would tell you to not take him and his “drunken, ridiculous podcast” seriously. 

Rogan’s previous comments about Jon Jones

Rogan may hold Jon Jones the fighter in high regard, but he has a different opinion about the latter’s personal life. Back in 2017, he suggested that Jones’ transgressions may have been a result of a possible brain injury, based on a study he came across. 

“There’s a symptom of something else going on. People don’t like to discuss this but one of the things that it easily could be is that Jon has impulse control [issues] because he’s been sparring and fighting at the highest level of the sport for many, many years now and he’s gotten hit in the head a gang of times. There’s no way around it.”

He continues…

“Jon is just one of the most talented guys of all time if not the most talented guy of all time and also the biggest disaster in terms of the biggest mistakes that he’s made.

“We’ve never had a fighter that did a hit-and-run on a pregnant and broke her arm and then took off and then tests positive for drugs cause he’s on dick pills and then tests positive again after his comeback, after a spectacular win over Daniel Cormier.

“He’s disappointing in that regard. So exceptional in his physical abilities but the choices he makes and the decisions that come out of those choices are just f–king terrible.”

Tyson Fury responds to Rogan

It didn’t take long before the said quotes from Rogan to get to Fury, who then issued this response via social media. 

“I’m the baddest man on the planet. I heard Joe Rogan say something about me over there. I’ve been off all the social media, so I didn’t reply to that little p-ssy. That little f—ng midget bald-headed midget. I heard him say that Jon Jones could f—k me up if we were in a room together.” 

“I don’t think so. Not a man born from a mother can f—k me up in a room or our own. Whatever happens in that room, I’d be walking out. Not a f—ng problem.” 

Jon Jones chimes in

Since he is the main topic of the conversation, Jones decided to chime in. And he directed his response towards Tyson Fury. 

Jones doesn’t have that much of a connection with the sport of boxing, unlike Francis Ngannou. He is currently planning his first title defense at heavyweight to be against former champion and his considered GOAT Stipe Miocic for Madison Square Garden this year. Jones says it could also be his retirement fight

As for Tyson Fury, he is reportedly looking at a July return at Wembley Stadium, either against Andy Ruiz Jr. or Zhilei Zhang.

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