Two UFC fighters suspended for Ostarine, NSAC hits multiple PFL & Power Slap competitors

Thiago Santos had his NSAC suspension extended

By: Trent Reinsmith | 3 weeks ago
Two UFC fighters suspended for Ostarine, NSAC hits multiple PFL & Power Slap competitors
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The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) held its monthly meeting for May 2023 on Wednesday, May 17. In addition to dealing with the typical agenda items—approving dates and locations of future events, picking officials, issuing permits for promoters, approving licenses for fighters, officials, and managers—the NSAC dealt with a significant number of failed drug tests and suspensions related to those infractions. The suspensions included competitors from the UFC, PFL, and Power Slap. Bloody Elbow has the details.

UFC suspensions

The UFC booked Kyler Phillips opposite Raphael Assuncao on the UFC Vegas 71 fight card. Phillips was pulled from the card in February and replaced by Davey Grant. According to the NSAC, Phillips tested positive for ostarine ahead of that fight. As a result of his failed drug test, the commission suspended Phillips for six months and fined attorney fees of $407.50. He is eligible to return to action on July 22.

Darrius Flowers was expected to face Erick Gonzalez on the UFC Vegas 70 card. Instead, he was pulled from that event a few weeks before the card took place. Like Phillips, Flowers tested positive for ostarine. The NSAC handed Flowers a six-month suspension and a $407.50 fine. His suspension expires on July 27.

The May 17 ruling followed the March temporary suspensions of Phillips and Flowers.

PFL suspensions

Alejandro Flores competed on the April 1 PFL fight card in a featherweight bout opposite Daniel Torres. Flores won that fight via unanimous decision.

Flores tested positive for furosemide, which is a diuretic. As a result of his positive test, the NSAC suspended Flores for six months, fined him $2,600 of his purse, charged him $326 in attorney fees, and overturned his win to a no contest.

Krzysztof Jotko, who lost a decision to Will Fleury on April 1 in a light heavyweight scrap, tested positive for clomiphene, which according to the United States Anti-Doping Agency, is “a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) commonly used in female fertility brand name prescription medications,” and which is “not FDA-approved for use by men for any condition.”

The NSAC gave Jotko a six-month suspension, a $6,500 purse fine and attorney fees of $326.

Rizvan Kuniev fought Renan Ferreira in a heavyweight scrap on the April 7 PFL card. Kuniev won that fight via decision. Kuniev tested positive for the anabolic steroids drostanolone, metenelone, boldenone, and the anabolic steroid metabolite 19-norandrosterone. Kuniev’s official suspension was postponed pending further testing, but his temporary suspension was extended.

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Bruno Cappelozza defeated fellow heavyweight Matheus Scheffel via first-round TKO on the April 7 PFL card. Cappelozza tested positive for the anabolic steroid drostanolone. As a result of his positive drug test, the NSAC suspended Cappelozza for nine months, fined him $11,125 of his purse, and added $326 in attorney fees. The commission also changed his win to a no contest.

The following fighters also failed drug tests related to April PFL cards, and the NSAC extended their temporary suspensions:

Thiago Santos, who tested positive for clomiphene.
Daniel Torres and Will Fleury, who both tested positive for drostanolone.
Cezar Ferreira, who tested positive for clomiphene, and 19-norandrostorone.
Mohammad Fakhreddine, who tested positive for the steroids stanozolol, dronastalone, and the selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) GW1516.

Santos, Torres, Fleury, Ferreira, and Kuniev could all be on the June NSAC meeting agenda.

Power Slap suspensions

Jay Rivera competed on the March 9 Power Slap card. The NSAC suspended Rivera after he tested positive for GW1516, sulfone, and sulfoxide, which are hormone and metabolic modulators. According to USADA, GW1516 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) “originally synthesized and evaluated for the treatment of obesity, diabetes, and other disorders caused by metabolic problems.” Rivera’s suspension is for six months that ends on September 3. The NSAC also fined Rivera $200 of his purse and hit him with attorney fees of $326.

T.J. Thomas, who was also on the March 9 event, tested positive for clomiphene, a hormone and metabolic modulator. According to the United State Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), clomiphene “is used as an FDA-approved fertility treatment,” and Clomid is indicated by the FDA “for the treatment of ovulatory dysfunction in women desiring pregnancy.” The drug is not FDA-approved for men. Thomas’ suspension runs through September 9. Thomas’ purse fine equals $50 and he also must pay attorney fees of $285.25. The commission also changed his win to a no contest.

Andrew Provost competed on the March 11 Power Slap card. He tested positive for Buprenorphine, which is a narcotic, and its metabolite norbuprenorphine. Buprenorphine is an FDA-approved drug for treating acute pain, chronic pain, and opioid dependence. The commission suspended Provost until September 11, fined him $500 of his purse, and added attorney fees of $326.

Chris Thomas, who competed on the March 11 card, also tested positive for Buprenorphine. As a result, Thomas was suspended for six months and fined $1,000 plus $326 in attorney fees. In addition, Thomas’ victory was changed to a no contest.

Frank Holland, was also on the March 11 event. The NSAC suspended Holland after he tested positive for phentermine, a stimulant similar to amphetamine. Phentermine is prescribed as an appetite suppressor. Holland’s NSAC suspension is for six months. He was fined $500 of his purse, $326 in attorney fees.

Lastly, Isaih Quinones, who was on the March 11 card was suspended after he tested positive for norandrosterone, drostanolone, tamoxifen, and boldenone, which are anabolic steroids. His sample also showed an “exogenous origin of testosterone.” The NSAC handed Quinones a one-year suspension. In addition to his suspension, the NSAC fined $250 of his purse, $495 in testing fees, and $326 in attorney fees.

The Power Slap competitors were all temporarily suspended during the April NSAC meeting.

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